10 digital marketing practices for E-Commerce

10 digital marketing practices for e-Commerce

We are at a special place and at a special time in the phase of human life as we are connected to each other through the Internet. It’s been a while since we have left the analog behind us to venture into this brave new digital world. 

Traditional marketing practices have fallen behind as Digital marketing has taken over as the preferred method of marketing. 

Digital marketing revolution is happening right in front of us as we speak. This helps you with reaching every nook and corner of the earth creating an image and brand reputation by creating a legion of loyal customer base. 

Let us talk about the 10 essential practices every E-commerce entity must follow:

1. Focus on the product: Consumers have become very visual and require information when and where they desire.  Creating a portfolio focusing on the product can help consumers make decisions. Using the right tools to help you showcase the product also helps. Choices are plenty, you need to ensure to have the right tools that accentuates your product.

2. Video: As mentioned earlier, consumers have become very visual. Images alone do not suffice their need to reach a conclusion. Consumers rely on video referencing to see how the product looks like when it is out of that box. This helps consumers gather enough data about the product features and its aesthetic to help make an informed choice.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence can help you create a customized service for your customer. It helps to showcase the products based on the past behavior. It helps you understand the different metrics involved in running your site and the efficiency of the content. This data stored helps the algorithms to provide a complete custom experience for each user. 

4. Product Filtering: Consumerism is a result of the number of choices. Alternatives exist everywhere. This is the essential reason we need to instill advanced product filtering to cater to exactly what the consumer is seeking. Catalogues are huge, spending unwanted time only leads to disinterest. 

5. Chatbots: Chatbots are the first point of contact with your website. Your chatbot must be trained well to be able to respond to the queries of your customers. The chatbot collects the data and helps the algorithm to analyze the customer to help provide them a custom experience by showcasing what they desire. 

6. Mobile Friendly: Websites must be created to cater to help the customer to take an informed decision.

7. Customer Personalization: AI can be used to create custom experience. Website needs to be interactive and personalized. It helps the consumer to browse through the catalog to make you feel comfortable. Personalization and customization can be changed based on the geographical locations and based on the season running. 

8. Customer Retention: Customer retention is one of the essential duties of digital marketing. Retention is essential as revenue must be recurring in nature. Retention is the process through which you are giving your existing customers exclusive offers and keeping them on the edge with updates of your products and features. 

9. Social Media Marketing:  Use social media to reach out to folks. There is nothing bigger than the monumental social media. Social media has taken over all aspects of our life. Targeting customers through specialised posts based on demography. This helps the product to reach a vast number of potential consumers. 

10. Encourage User Generated Content: Nothing is better than great feedback. Reviews and feedback in any medium have been the grail for most of the consumers when it comes to consuming a service or a product. Consumers will always trust a fellow consumer than a website. Generating this content and making it available in the website helps create a brand of trust and goodwill, which translates into sales and revenue.

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