7 Different ways of Marketing your Startup on a Tight Budget.

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Marketing your company or product is essential for all. Many of us believe Marketing would require a huge budget. There are multiple ways to achieve desired marketing results with a tight or shoestring budget. We have listed Top 7 ways to achieve marketing on a tight budget.

1) Talk to your customers on your product or the Brand and Don’t start selling.

As an entrepreneur you concentrate more on making profits at the beginning that is making huge sales, that is a good opinion over your business. But without knowing your product how can a person buy your product? To engage with people to market your product on various social media platforms so you get an idea of what a customer is and where your product stands in his view.

2) Create a Niche and Build Credibility, Trust.

You don’t need a high budget t to create credibility or niche in your business. You need to find a strategy to build awareness for your business and let your potential customers get a look. The simple way to build the content strategy to gain or build awareness is to do that by posts, blogs, youtube videos, GIFs, much more. For example, it does not cost you anything to start a YouTube channel and promote your products. All you need is a smart branding strategy and creativity. Videos reach more audiences, take less time to create, and are easy to understand. Therefore, you may upload videos to give your target audience an insight of your upcoming products. Start making attractive content and share with people to attract them about your product so that they start engaging with you. Use the resources well to connect people and attract them to your product.

 3) People ask you ‘WHY’

Its always better to know why you wanted to become an entrepreneur and why people should buy your products instead of others. Don’t tell them a lame story or reasons about you and your product. Tell them what uniqueness your product has or the unique feature that you possess to make them better with the product that you build. If they find out that the answer to why isn’t convincing, they walk away and may not come back. Know that your story may be passed on to people from person to person and build a feeling about your story and the product that doest change easily. So impress them don’t confuse

 4) Easily discoverable content.

 Nowadays people find it easy to read and understand a post, Instagram, Facebook, twitter are the platform for that. Your post must have a niche content, after seeing that people should easily discover what exactly your product is about. Don’t brag too much about your product in a post as too much text is not attracted to viewers. Make it a simple niche one and attract the viewers.

5) Co-sponsor and Attend Events in Your Niche

 Co-sponsoring events is an excellent way of marketing where your company and products are marketed by others than yourself, making others believe in your product. Make sure they highlight the unique or positive features of the product so you are on the people’s mind.  Whenever you get the opportunity to co-sponsor, seize it and take full advantage of it by ensuring that the audience learns about your company by the time the event ends.

6) Use Coupons

According to research, most people find it hard to resist a great coupon. In fact, the research suggests that four out of five buyers use coupons frequently both online and in-store. Additionally, a significant number of customers remain loyal to a particular firm due to the availability of coupons. The good thing is, you don’t require a large amount of money to create great e-coupons.

 7) Giveaway and Samples

For new business or introducing a new business, it is quite harder to reach your target audience and engage them. Giving away products for the customers to test, can be a good way to engage as the people or customers spread the word about the product. You can also leverage social media where you can reach out to the different people and give them samples of your products without charging them but also ask them to share on their social media platforms and write genuine reviews.

Reward your reviewers /customers who have shared there thoughts or feedback with little things that make them happy. It can be a small goodie bag or a discount coupon for your product. Such a gesture will make them feel good about your company and your product and will prompt them to market the product through word of mouth.

 Above mentioned strategy can be used by the Small /Medium business or startup with a limited marketing budget. Comment down your thoughts.


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