A Complete List of Top Instagram Features for Creators in 2022

Instagram is always surprising us. 

While everyone is attempting to weather these difficult economic circumstances, it is incredible to see how quickly Instagram’s new features update functions to address key business challenges and assist users in supporting their favourite companies.

Keeping up with what’s fresh on Instagram might be more difficult now than ever.

New Instagram features are being introduced nearly every week.

To assist you in staying up-to-date to the speed of the newest Instagram upgrades and adapting your company to them, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent updates you may not be aware of or understand how to utilize.

Remember that Instagram is constantly adding and deleting features (now faster than ever).

And I’m sure you want your company account to continue to grow.

So, if you don’t have any of the things we mentioned, don’t panic – they’re on their way!

Your social media marketing approach needs to be adjusted frequently since social media platforms like Instagram release new features and improvements virtually every week.

To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, brands must continually monitor changing consumer preferences and emerging trends.

This article will examine the newest Instagram features and how marketers may utilize them to expand their businesses.  

Instagram Grid Pinning Feature

Instagram Grid Pinning feature-New Instagram Features

Instagram’s most recent upgrade allows you to pin your posts to the top of your IG grid.

To put it another way, your older material can still shine.

This functionality is nothing new on networks such as Twitter or TikTok, but it was undoubtedly necessary for Instagram.

Instagram Posts Collabs Feature

Another essential feature is the ability to make collaborative postings.

The post will display on your feed and on your collaborator’s profile.

To make a collaborative post, compose your ordinary post (reels can work), tag individuals, and invite collaborators.

Updates on Instagram captions for Reels   

Visual Reactions on Reels 

By the end of 2022, Instagram has released a new Reel upgrade named ‘Reels Visual Replies.’

This feature lets you use movies to respond to comments (left by any follower who comments on your Reels articles).

This feature allows authors to interact with their fans by developing material inspired by their participation in the comments area.

Auto-Generated Caption Feature  

Auto-Generated Caption Feature- New Instagram Features

When you publish an Instagram Reel, auto-generated captions are enabled by default.

With this tool, Instagram makes captioning content easier for producers while also making Instagram more accessible to members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing populations and individuals who watch videos with the sound turned off.

How does it function? 

When you post an IG video, auto-captioning will be enabled.

To disable the audio captions, go to the upload flow and toggle “Captions” off by clicking the switch.

This will automatically deactivate captioning for all of your future videos.

When watching a video, you can reach a switch to turn on captions by tapping on the overflow menu and selecting “Manage Captions.”

Instagram is introducing new, stylish closed caption AR effects for Reels, which will allow you to upgrade your video in entertaining effortlessly and creative ways.

You can now transform speech into amusing, entertaining, and engaging closed captions that appear like a text message discussion (Bubble Captions), spew from your lips (Mumble Captions), or seem right out of a comic book (Mumble Captions) (Comic Captions).

The effects gallery now contains all three new closed caption effects.

How does it work? 

Tap the effects icon on the Instagram camera before recording or uploading from the gallery.

Look for Captions, Mumble Captions, or Comic Captions. Tap the effect you wish to use, then record or apply it to your uploaded gallery material.

Adjust the volume and add narration:

After you’ve submitted your reel, go to the preview page and click the music note icon.

Overlay audio:

You may import audio from any reel in your library and overlay it on your movie.


If you don’t want to hear your own speech, you may put text into the box, and a hilarious voice will read it directly over your video.

Updated Instagram Insight Feature  

Instagram’s analytics tool has been enhanced once more to provide creators and companies with more information about the performance of their accounts.

The first significant difference is that you may now view data from up to 90 days rather than 30 or 60.

Your live video performance may also be measured.

Accounts engaged –

This area allows you to monitor your accounts’ engagement across different content more precisely.

Accounts reached –

A summary of your profile’s reach stats broken down by area, gender, age, followers vs. non-followers, content categories reached, adverts, and more.

Total followers–

This section allows you to measure the base dynamics of your followers while also providing demographic information.

Content you shared –

Additional information on your topic and user interactions, organized by content and interaction type (even interactions like Business Address Taps or Email Button Taps)

This is unquestionably an improvement over the prior edition. However, if you manage many social media identities, you might want to raise your game using NapoleonCat and its Analytics tool, which gives you a birds-eye perspective of everything.

Hiding Instagram likes is now an option. 

Instagrams content accessibility features-New Instagram Features

Since 2019, Instagram has begun removing the number of likes from posts.

You may now select whether or not to conceal this information from your postings.

To do so, go to one of your posts, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and then select ‘Hide like count.’

Even though many users are starting to utilize it, you can still see someone’s like count in NapoleonCat – whether they choose to conceal it or not.

Instagram business features 

Pinned Comments   

This Instagram feature allows you to pin specific comments to remain at the top of your post’s comments section.

On each post, you may only pin three comments.

Live rooms  

Instagram has added the ability for creators to hold Live sessions with up to three extra guests simultaneously (four people in total).

Live Rooms allow companies to create chat shows with influencers, hold Q&A sessions, and even present a webinar with a panel of experts.

Instagram Gift Cards   

Instagram Gift Cards feature -New Instagram Features

Brands can now gain followers’ support and increase sales by adding gift card stickers to their Instagram stories and profiles.

To help spread the message, followers can reshare these gift cards on their own stories.

You must have an Instagram business or creator account to utilize the Gift Card function.

On your profile, you may either put a tale sticker or a button.

Instagram is experimenting with Creators Marketplace. 

Instagram just revealed that it is exploring a new creative marketplace.

This feature will allow creators to engage with businesses directly within the app for sponsored content collaborations.

The marketplace’s purpose is to assist creators in indicating their interests and selecting businesses with which they want to collaborate.

On the other hand, it will make it easier for companies to discover, interact with, and cooperate with creators.

Furthermore, the marketplace will allow businesses to safely pay the most strategic authors for their branded content relationships.

This is a fantastic chance for producers and companies to collaborate and create excellent content!

The following is how it will work:

Creators may help you identify your hobbies.  

Creators can identify their hobbies and choose up to ten products that most closely match the creator’s profile.

This allows the platform to simply match the sort of creators that a specific business is searching for.

Projects in Collaboration 

Brands can send ideas to selected creators via a simple message via the Instagram app.

The creator may read all the data, including the payment rate, and accept or reject the project.

Receive offers in the partnership folder 

After a company displays interest in collaborating with a particular artist, they may contact the project, which the creator will receive in a separate email.

Instagram Story & Sticker Features    

 Story Captions 

Instagram just introduced a new tool that allows users to add text subtitles to their Stories.

These captions are created automatically but are entirely customizable.

Story Captions are currently only available in English and English-speaking countries.

Text translation in Stories   

Instagram now lets users translate text in Stories, such as captions, into 90 different languages. The platform currently doesn’t support audio translations.

This is an excellent chance for marketers to reach a worldwide audience through their stories and narrative advertisements.

Just remember to include readily translated text if that is your goal.

Sticker for music 

Users in many countries have been waiting for this long, and the Music sticker is finally available.

Use it to add your favourite song to your tale!

Sticker with a Location 

You may use the location sticker if you want to share a fascinating location with your followers.

Mention sticker 

In your Story, mention another user or company. This Instagram feature allows them to reshare the Story on their profile, expanding their reach.

Sticker with Questions 

Add a Questions sticker to encourage your followers to provide input on your selected topic. You may even utilize it to allow people to ask you questions, which you can then respond to in different Stories, resulting in even more interaction with your audience.

Quiz Sticker  

This sticker is perfect for asking questions on your profile’s area of interest to check how well your followers do and enhance your brand recognition.

Sticker for polls 

Like the Quiz sticker, this sticker helps learn about your followers’ thoughts.

Integrating your followers’ voices in the creative process may help decision-making for future content ideas.

Instagram Video Features   

Live video  

Instagram Live has been around and known for a while, but the company has lately added the ability to schedule live feeds.

Live video is ideal for communicating with followers in real-time. This helps businesses develop trust and appear honest and personal.

US companies with Instagram checkout may also sell items during live streams by communicating with viewers in real-time and prompting them to buy directly within the app.

During a live broadcast, users may also support companies and creators by purchasing badges that appear as love symbols in the comments.

Instagram video 

Previously, Instagram offered IGTV as a platform app that allowed users to share videos of up to an hour in length.

This feature has been deactivated and replaced by the new and improved Instagram video posts.

Users can now upload videos ranging in length from 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

Certain accounts can post videos that are up to 60 minutes long.

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Instagram features for marketers   

Messaging between apps 

These Instagram features are handy for brands. They can now interact directly with Facebook Messenger contacts from Instagram.

You only need to update both applications and change your privacy settings.

Other new messaging Instagram features include disappearing mode, sophisticated settings, better reporting, and blocking to keep abusive people and spam at bay.

Map lookup 

Instagram’s popular location Stories feature was discontinued in 2020.

Although the tool has yet to return, the platform has lately introduced an alternative—map search.

Users may see location tales by browsing over a digital map within the app using map search.

It’s a fantastic incentive for marketers in specific locations to reintroduce location Story stickers.

Instagram's content accessibility features 

Throughout the years, Instagram has made several app upgrades on iOS and Android to ensure that it passes accessibility requirements.

Here is Instagram’s official Accessibility One-Pager with recommendations on how to use it to urge producers to ensure all their content is accessible.

Instagram auto-generated captions Video captions Sticker on Stories & Reels Translations in Feed, Profile, & Stories.

  • Auto-generated Captions on Instagram Video
  • Captions Sticker on Stories & Reels
  • Translations in Feed, Profile & Stories
  • Alternative Text for Posts

Support CTAs can be added to a company's profile. 

In addition to adding stickers to your Stories, you can add Gift Cards, Order Food, and Donate options to your Instagram account through clickable buttons.

These support CTAs will appear on your Instagram profile next to the Contact and Message sections.

This Instagram feature is helpful for companies, digital marketing agencies, and small business owners. They can use links where they can send the traffic.  

Instagram shopping features 

Tagged products  

Tagged products feature -New Instagram Features

Shoppable tags enable businesses to tag their items in images.

For example, if you are showing a model wearing your brand’s running shoes, you’d tag the shoes so that viewers may go straight to the product page and buy them.

Businesses may now tag goods within Stories as well.

This is a great approach to demonstrate your product(s) in action or user-generated content (such as the @ mentions we covered above).

Consider the authenticity of using a tag from one of your customers’ Stories in your own Story.

Instagram Checkout 

Customers may use this feature to discover a product and finish the purchase procedure without leaving the Instagram app.

Users may select from various sizes and colours before making a purchase, and they only need to input their billing information the first time they use the app to check out.

Instagram Checkout is now available exclusively to qualified US companies and creators with an Instagram store.

Buying from creators 

Users can now purchase their favourite influencers’ outfits within the Instagram app by tapping on tagged goods in the creators’ posts.

This functionality is currently only available to a small number of authors. This gives marketers even more motivation to collaborate with influencers in their field. Both brands and creators will have access.

Use Instagram features to create exciting content. 

Marketers must keep up with all updates in the realm of social media to stay on top of their game.

This post will help you become acquainted with all of the tools available on Instagram to produce unique, engaging content that performs effectively.

If Instagram is an essential element of your social media marketing plan, check out the finest social media management tools and see how Sprout’s integration can help you use Instagram’s capabilities and stand out from the crowd.

Instagram Shops & In-shop Ads   

Facebook has made significant investments in strengthening its eCommerce side, establishing Facebook and Instagram Shops accessible from within the applications.

Businesses can use this to construct customizable catalogues of their items that people can explore, store, share, and buy from.

This must be set up first, but once done, you may present your items using a variety of choices, such as adding a cover image or selecting a colour theme to give your online store a distinct appearance and feel.

Users may access Facebook Shops via Facebook Pages, Instagram profiles, or even Stories and advertisements.

If the company has enabled checkout in the US, you may now buy goods without leaving the app.

Take a break From the Instagram feature.   

It displays how much time you’ve spent on Instagram and urges you to do something else instead of wasting time on Instagram.

Encourages artists to improve mental health and well-being awareness.

If you spend too much time on a topic, Instagram will notify you that you’ve spent too much time on that topic and recommend you to investigate another topic.

This is quite useful for discovering new and exciting stuff on Instagram and getting more out of the platform.

Wrap up 

Instagram is rapidly evolving and enhancing its user experience daily. From simple changes like shifting some of the buttons around to major ones like adding Instagram new updates and features totally, this social networking behemoth will never bore you.

We hope this blog has helped us keep up with some of the most recent Instagram features!

Which Instagram features are your favourites?

How are you utilizing them to reach your company objectives?

Let us know by commenting!

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