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We strategise ad campaigns in such a way our clients can get most of it.



At Semmai, we take immense care in sourcing the best quality raw materials directly from the farmers and extract the oils without any addition of chemicals or preservatives. The cold press mechanism rotates at a low rpm and hence no heat is generated while manufacturing and thus leading to a high quality oil with all nutrition intact. Since Cold pressed oils are high in anti-oxidants they help prevent Cancer.

Our Strategy

We have done analysis of each and every page on google search engine in terms of speed, image size on page by considering these two questions

  • How fast is my website?
  • How do I improve my website performance?

Naturally, We have invested our time to get the best tool. free alternatives offer performance, Testing server response time. We made a list of the best tools to test website speed and performance.

We are happy to tell you that post optimizing pages Website speed is in A Grade now in GT Matrix .

GT Matrix Performance

We have done competitor research to find out what keywords they were targeting then we came up with few keywords from which Below Keywords Ranking on Second Number on Google first page.

Buyers Persona

  • Anu is a 28-year-old mid-level employee in Bangalore. She wanted to excel at the top of her career. She reads online news and magazines to keep herself updated with anything happening in her industry. So mostly experience stress and depression due to her career pressure.
  • Manoj is a 26-year-old entry-level graduate from Mumbai. He is facing some relationship issues, which cause him depression and anxiety.

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