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Navrathan Jewellers

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Navrathan Jewellers is one of the greatest names in the jewellery fashion industry in Bangalore, Karnataka. They have been dealing in jewellery since 1954 and has quietly delighted the experts of Bangalore with their breathtaking designs, intricate craftsmanship & ancient techniques. They are the players in jewellery like diamonds, gold, platinum, antique, traditional, etc., jewellery. Be it faceted diamonds, jadau or meenakari, Navrathan strives to create antiques with each piece.

As time passes and the craze of social media getting more significant. Navrathan understands how important it is for them to be active on social media and stay connected with their customer through various social media channels. So they contacted us to build a full-proof strategy for their social media.

Navrathan Jewellers Growth

Our Strategy

We first understand the brand’s essence and the audience. Then we thoroughly researched on Navrathan audience and came up with a strategy that could grow the followers. We optimize the there account to give a complete overview of Navrathan to its audience. We also opt for various proven techniques that eventually help us reach the goal quickly. With our advanced skills, knowledge, and strategy, we can soon hit 42K followers from 26K, i.e., 61% of growth within 11 months.

We believe in the A/B testing method. So we have tested different types of content and observed which styles of creatives and content is working best for the audience. Here are some numbers from the Women’s Day post. We got such a huge engagement on this creative.

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Navrathan jewellers event promotion

Buyers Persona

  • Manju is between 40-60, a house maker and lives in India, and a married woman. She is interested in households. She likes antique and traditional jewellery very much as it is like a status symbol and gives her a feeling of satisfaction. She loves to scroll through conventional jewellery designs on the internet and in the magazine. She wants to buy some new jewellery for her daughter and herself for weddings, festivals, etc.
  • Radhika is between the age group of 21-40, and she is a working woman who lives in Bangalore, India. She loves to keep herself updated and follows the latest fashion trends. She also has an interest in south Indian jewellery and antique jewellery. To keep herself updated with the latest fashion and jewellery trends, she actively uses Instagram and Pinterest.

No More Struggling To Grow Your Business On Social Media

No More Struggling To Grow Your Business On Social Media

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