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Pinkymind, an Online Holistic Mental Wellbeing therapy app platform, prepares a foundation to address mental health issues and get anxiety, depression, stress relief. Experts here deal with issues faced by stressed-out teenagers, disgruntled spouses and aid people who wish to take a step towards improving their mental health. Pinkymind App offers a PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS online counseling by certified Counselors & Therapists in Multilanguage.

The main issue faced by the Pinkymind app is that there were not getting enough downloads for theirs. Then they decided to contact us, and then we helped increase App downloads and Counseling registrations by a significant margin.

Our Strategy

To increase the Pinkymind app downloads and counseling registrations, we developed the results-oriented app store optimization services and an intergraded strategy to meet the Pinkymind goals. We first begin with comprehensive keyword research for the app store. We also find popular queries and FAQs regarding the niche. Then we start optimizing the app and promoting it on popular app directories, blogs, and forums. With our persistent efforts, we brought forward some amazing results for Pinkymind. Pinkymind observes 1K to 50K plus app downloads within 4-6 months, increased their revenue 3 times. In such a highly competitive niche, we manage to get ______% ROI and Rs.4.19 cost per conversion. Our full-proof strategy and years of experience make this campaign a big success.

Cost per conversion at 4INR.

Buyers Persona

  • Anu is a 28-year-old mid-level employee in Bangalore. She wanted to excel at the top of her career. She reads online news and magazines to keep herself updated with anything happening in her industry. So mostly experience stress and depression due to her career pressure.
  • Manoj is a 26-year-old entry-level graduate from Mumbai. He is facing some relationship issues, which cause him depression and anxiety.

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