Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 

What will be the most significant digital marketing trends in 2022? I’ve already mentioned how marketing can be expected to evolve strategically. In this article, I’ll go over specific trends to keep an eye out for.

Making a solid short-term plan requires keeping an eye on where you’re going in the long run. It is not possible to predict the future of marketing with certainty, but industry professionals can provide valuable insights and predictions into some of the possibilities.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 vs. 2022  

Every year, we witness new and unexpected digital trends that lay the groundwork for marketing’s future. Even in a turbulent year like 2021, we weren’t disappointed. If anything, the 2022 digital marketing trends are expected to be some of the most ground-breaking yet.

Those who meticulously planned their marketing activities based on what they knew at the beginning of the year had to scrap their plan and start over.

Because technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, some of these trends are technological. However, there is a backlash against increased digitization and automation of brand-consumer interactions. Today, there is a desire to re-humanize marketing.

While A.I. and data-driven marketing will continue to grow in popularity, the overarching focus will be on people, not technology.

10 Important Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know for 2022

Based on how the world has shifted on the internet, 2022 is expected to bring dramatic digital marketing trends. Businesses should stay updated and aware of what these trends entail and plan how to exploit them to their advantage. While the importance of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses is well established, how does the year 2022 look for marketers? Here are the few latest trends in digital marketing that you should be aware of in 2022.

Privacy matters

Concerns about Data privacy are increasing at an alarming rate. In response to growing customer concerns about Data privacy, tech giants and small businesses have expanded their security protocols and safety offerings.

Consumers have made privacy a non-negotiable requirement, and businesses must reconsider their security measures. Building trust will require maximum consumer transparency regarding the applicable data privacy policies.

Word of mouth is still important.

While new digital marketing trends always emerge, some old ones are here to stay, and word of mouth is one of them. Consumers nowadays do not mind spending a little extra time on the internet comparing resources before deciding to purchase or engage in any activity.

Word of mouth is significant when establishing yourself as an authoritative business online. Customers will always scroll down to see what other people say about you and how well-reviewed your company is. To win back reviewers, digital marketing campaigns should always highlight positive word of mouth and expertly handle negative reviews by accommodating and addressing their concerns. Turning dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your company, and it also provides an excellent advertising opportunity.

PageSpeed is a very crucial factor.

The foremost goal of any digital marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website. The conversion rate depends on how well you provide a user experience to your visitors. The first and most important factor is how quickly your page loads. Users’ attention spans are short these days, and even a minor delay in page loading can cause visitors to close the tab.

PageSpeed affects not only user experience but also how well your page ranks. Google’s algorithms use it as a ranking factor. As a result, to ensure that you are covering this segment in digital marketing trends, you must continue optimizing your website for faster loading speeds. Core Web Vitals can help you track critical metrics for a user’s experience as page loads.

Relevance is significant

Relevance of content is one of the most critical factors. It is important in determining how effective your content is for users. When creating content, many businesses overlook this aspect. Generic content is abundant on the internet, and if you are not providing your customers with something of value, chances are they will not respond well to it. As a result, coming up with content ideas that cater for the needs of your target audience is critical.

Relevance is also essential in increasing your Domain Authority (DA). Creating relevant content that addresses your customers’ pain points and offers solutions can boost your DA score, and then it will help your website rank higher on SERPs.

Personalize content

In the coming years, digital advertising trends will shift dramatically toward personalized content. This is as creating content in the hope of appealing to a large audience is not working well as it did a few years ago. Instead, brands are seeing great results from creating targeted and personalized advertising that caters to each segment of their audience base. It is also crucial to ensure that each segment receives these personalized ads in the right place and at the right time.

Multi-channel marketing or Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing will quickly become a requirement for today’s eCommerce businesses. It allows customers to access your services and products from various platforms and devices.

Omnichannel marketing has enabled brands to excel in terms of sales and conversions. In 2020, for example, purchase rates for this type of digital marketing were reported to be more than 280 % higher than single-channel marketing campaigns! More marketing channels mean greater convenience for your customers and greater reach for your company. Better reach equals higher ROI.

Video marketing is here to stay.

Today, videos are the most popular form of media. Video marketing is a long-term digital marketing trend. It is an excellent form of marketing for both users and businesses because it is easily consumable, allows for complex breakdowns, and much more. More than 75% of consumers were persuaded to purchase after watching a video, according to a recent study!

Marketers worldwide have realized that video marketing has become essential to a successful digital marketing campaign over the last two years. Products or services illustrated and explained in video format have a much higher chance of generating conversions than written content.

Search intent

The reason for a user’s search is referred to as search intent. SI is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. For example, when ranking for informational search queries such as “how to do SEO marketing,” “guides,” or “how-to’s” are given the highest priority.

Google prioritizes its search results for users based on their search intent. Google is attempting to make search engines as human as possible by employing various ML algorithms such as MUM and BERT. As a result, search intent reigns supreme when it comes to digital marketing.

Remote work is now a new normal

Over the last two years, more than 83 % of employers regarded the shift to remote working as a success. Employers are already adopting a hybrid working model, with remote work at the forefront.

This is critical information for marketers all over the world, as it has the potential to alter the traditional working structures of digital marketing drastically. CRMs, digital marketing tools, and other tools will be increasingly popular in the coming years. Furthermore, it will provide marketers and users with a new perspective on the importance of being online in their lives. This will open the door to new ideas and approaches to reaching users online, which may evolve into new trends.

The algorithm drives everything.

Algorithms drive everything, from our social media ads to email marketing to news feeds across multiple social channels. Algorithms’ job is to sort through billions of bytes of content regularly and optimize the results to improve user experience.

Relevancy and a positive user experience should be the key factors marketers should focus on in their digital marketing efforts in 2022. If you nail these two aspects, algorithms will sort your content and prioritize it over others.

Top Challenges for Digital Marketers in 2022  

To understand the challenges in Digital marketing, Oracle conducted a survey. Oracle’s survey revealed the top marketing challenges for respondents right now:

  1. Increasing performance across all channels
  2. Ability to change/adapt to changing circumstances
  3. Providing exceptional customer experiences
  4. Coordination of marketing and sales efforts
  5. Audience segmentation and targeting

Which Performance Metrics Matter Most In 2022?  

To address the issues mentioned above, data-backed insights are required. However, which performance metrics are marketing organizations currently using to measure success?

Extremely successful marketing organizations say their top performance metrics are:

  • Sales and revenue are attributed to marketing.
  • Customer lifetime value.
  • Cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Most marketing organizations are more likely to track “Marketing ROI” and customer acquisition and retention.

The Need for Agile Marketing in 2022  

The marketing landscape has undoubtedly changed as a result of the ongoing pandemic! Pre-pandemic 2020, 45 % of corporate event organizers said they planned to keep spending the same on product launches and VIP customer events. Furthermore, approximately 18 % desired to increase their spending.

Enter the pandemic: marketers scrambled to find new ways to network, with 52 % predicting that a “return to normal” would not be possible until at least the second quarter of 2021.

Marketers were forced to rethink their year-long strategy, pivoting quickly and unsuccessfully. As a result, the coming years may increase the demand for agile marketing teams and communications professionals. This means there will be no more silos between marketers and other departments and a greater emphasis on the need to plan quickly and gather data more efficiently.

10 Current Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 According to Experts

1. Email Most Important Channel

According to Melissa Sargeant, CMO of Litmus, three trends have contributed to email prioritization: personalization, automation, and privacy. She expects dynamic and interactive email content, AMP for email, and new personalization strategies to become more critical in 2022. “Litmus released recently, a State of Email report demonstrating that email has become the most crucial channel in marketing: According to Sargeant, 91 % of survey respondents believe email marketing is critical to their company’s overall success. This is an increase of 20 percentage points since 2019, and more than 40% of companies plan to increase their investment in 2022.

2. Loyalty A Thing Of The Past

“Loyalty programs will become obsolete and will be replaced by membership programs,” says Jay Myers of Bold Commerce.

It’s human nature for people to seek membership and community. It is not human nature to desire membership in a loyalty program. Marketers have recognized this, and while loyalty points can provide consumers with value, they are not compelling differentiators on their own. By 2022, brands will have transformed their loyalty programs into true memberships. And, unlike loyalty programs, which customers are hesitant to join, these membership programs will be so appealing that customers will pay to be a part of them. Brands will definitely embrace the membership model and add value by providing benefits such as exclusive product access, free shipping, and offline events.”

3. Foresight The New Priority

“Hindsight may be 20/20, but businesses will prioritize foresight in 2022,” says Feedback Loop’s Rob Holland.

“As direct access to consumers increased, brands will no longer have to wait for the fact to learn later what people think of the campaigns, products, and brand names they’ve already launched.” In the process, they’ll avoid some controversy and significant financial setbacks. This is not to say that marketers will not come up with bad ideas in 2022. That is unavoidable. But we’ll see more of them skip the part where they turn bad ideas into disastrous decisions for their companies.”

4. Discounts Losing Favor Fast

“Brands have been eager to move away from relying on steep discounts to get new customers and instead identify opportunities to provide value through their products and the main role they play in the lives of their customers,” says Bluecore’s Sherene Hilal.

“Digital has broadened the types of value brands can provide to customers.” In 2022, brands will start replacing blanket discounts that don’t keep customers coming back with their unique offerings, particularly based directly on what they know about customers and their unique selling points.”

5. War On Data

“The war on Data will escalate, and marketers will lose access to more Data on which they have come to rely,” says Tim Parkin, a global marketing consultant.

“All marketing initiatives will be built on first-party Data.” Many organizations that have not prepared will scramble to gather this data to remain competitive.”

6. Video To Be Cornerstone

“Video will supplant static assets and become the foundation of all marketing campaigns,” Parkin adds.

“Social media and streaming TV platforms will launch new video-focused advertising products.” Even in retail, innovations in using video to engage customers and drive revenue will be seen.”

7. Great Escape From Digital White Noise

“Smart businesses are being discovered in the mailbox rather than getting lost in the digital inbox,” says Jordan Stevens, a digital marketing consultant from Canada.

“At first, direct mail may be dismissed due to misunderstandings about the channel.” However, integrated campaigns allow businesses to reach millions of people on a more personal level than digital communications alone. Overall, direct mail performance and engagement are increasing. According to Canada Post, 92 % of those polled read direct mail, and 71 % share it. While your audience is constantly bombarded with digital messaging, direct mail stands out in an authentic, unexpected, thoughtful, and tangible way.”

8. Advertising Postcards Reach People

“Direct mail is a method of communicating with your customers that are delivered directly to their homes.” It enables you to target your audience based on their location and demographic profile,” Stevens adds. “We’ve seen advertisers use postcards to reach their audience over the last five years, and we expect that trend to continue.” Postcards are small, lightweight, and visually appealing, making them stand out in the mailbox. Postcards are a simple format that maximizes ROI as digital advertising expenses rise, whether you’re a real estate agent or a kitchen renovator.”

9. Digital Storytelling Separates Amateurs From Pros

“There has been a lot of emphasis on digital storytelling over the last year,” says Lisa Apolinski, author and founder of 3 Dog Write.

“However, many businesses are still struggling to get this right.” Many businesses continue to tell their stories about themselves rather than how their products and services can help clients succeed. Companies that can use persuasive storytelling will have their digital content create value and relatability rather than being content for the sake of content.”

10. Judgement Day For Facebook/Meta

“We’ve all had moments when we thought Facebook was doomed,” Apolinski adds.

“I would not rule out Mark Zuckerberg for this new reinvention of his brand.” However, I believe that the overall success of Meta will be determined by Zuckerberg’s willingness to step down as CEO to allow new energy into the organization. If Zuckerberg remains at the helm, Meta’s success will be limited and will not reach the same heights as Facebook’s. The year 2022, will be a watershed moment for the company.

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