Head of Academics (Client Place)

Job description- Head of Academics

Department- Academics

Reporting to: Chief Technology Officer [Techno- Functional]

: VP Operations & Service delivery [Operational]

Role introduction:

The Academic Head is accountable and responsible for ensuring the effective management and educational focus of staff, physical equipment, and all other resources. The Academic Head will manage and oversee the execution of all facets of academic operations, academic programs, and academic curriculum via online and offline mediums. It is a key position with ultimate responsibility for ensuring all campus and online academic operational goals are accomplished by delivering quality learning experiences to students.

You should have direct oversight of the functions that provide the infrastructure needed for effective academic operations.

1. Labs and Workshops

2. Academic Services and Advising, and

3. Learning Resources

Your core performance goal will be to ensure the effective delivery of academic programs and curriculums through the optimum utilization of the teaching and learning resources and infrastructure with a minimum disturbance to the planned schedule. You will have functional and operational oversight for all programs in the institution, within your reporting relationship to the CTO and VP Operations/ COO.


● Maintains academic excellence by observing, mentoring, and collaborating with faculty.

● Implements all required and relevant department compliances and policies.

● Conducts performance evaluations on staff that are timely and constructive.

● Maintains academic quality and departmental vitality through the oversight, recruitment, and retention of faculty, staff, and students.

● Ensures smooth daily operation of the department’s faculty, staff, and physical facilities and training schedules.

● Manages the departmental budget and physical and technological facilities.

● Involves faculty and other stakeholders in broad decision-making and planning.

● Communicates information concerning policies, decisions, procedures, and activities to the department.

● Attracts and maintains a distinguished and diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

● Supports and develops the vision, mission, and future goals of the department and the institution.

● Fosters positive morale and cohesiveness throughout the department.

● Mentors and guides faculty so that they may better mentor students, set scholarly goals, investigate creative interests within the field, and accomplish professional goals.

● Teaches the students and thereby delivers excellence in classes as and when needed.

● Advocates for and supports the institution through activities including, but not limited to, open houses and graduation ceremonies.

● Share overall daily administrative responsibility, for a smooth and effective operational environment that ensures high-quality student educational experience

● Lead all the meetings that pertain to academic operational matters and ensure communication and broadcasting of appropriate actions and recommendations.

● Collaborate actively with different service section teams and initiate joint operational practices to ensure efficient delivery of courses across platforms.

● Assist in developing a multi-year plan for the provision of IT and non-IT instructional equipment.

● Play a pivotal role in both the development of the academic operational plan and in monitoring its implementation.

● Monitor course offerings throughout the year and partner closely with the program management team to address and resolve curricular operational issues.

● Identify areas where operations could be improved through technology, organizational, and/or process change and submit the appropriate recommendations to the COO& CTO.

● Prepares/ compiles student competency reports and the implementation status of academic operations on a periodical basis and submit them to senior management.

● Conduct performance evaluation of all training/ academic staff/faculty on a monthly basis.

● Oversees and is accountable for gathering data from academic teams, students, faculty, and staff about daily academic operations.

● Review such data on a regular basis to provide students with a better learning experience, competency building, and success rates.

● Oversees and is accountable for class schedules, faculty teaching schedules, and operations impacting the student’s ability to access, receive, and complete their training.

● Develop and maintain records as required for presentation, and communication of relevant information to necessary departments for audits.

● Participate as a member of committees as assigned by the CTO/ COO.

● Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills:

● Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact and work with individuals at all levels of the institution.

● Ability to create, maintain, analyze, and negotiate the department budget.

● Excellent acumen and experience in managing Learning management systems.

● Ability to analyze, anticipate, and schedule course offerings.

● Attention to detail with a focus on thoroughness and quality.

● High integrity and ethical standards.

● Superlative academic record and standing.

● Ability to attend and preside over lectures and meetings.

● Travel as per organizational needs and be flexible as per operational requirements.

Education & Work experience:

● Must have a Master’s Degree in Technology or an Engineering degree.

● Highly proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for creating visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations.

● Excellent knowledge, software development work experience, and academic experience in Information technology.

● Must have at least 7 years of software development/ programming/ coding experience.

● Leadership ability in academic roles in previous organizations worked. [ Desirable]

Job Category: Academics
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore

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