Must Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow by Experts in 2022

To succeed in any job, you must have the right tools.

Digital marketers are in the same boat regarding digital marketing tools! Digital marketers use a variety of software solutions to increase visitors to a website, convert that traffic, and ultimately retain consumers.

When assessing software for your marketing team, thousands of solutions are available today.

Most successful businesses rely on a portfolio of digital marketing tools rather than just one.

So, which are the most effective digital marketing tools?

Rather than simply telling you what we believe, we polled digital marketers from various sectors to find out what their best digital marketing tools are.

Then we asked two questions to them:

While there was some overlap in replies, we were taken aback by the wide range of tools we encountered.

So, what are the most effective digital marketing tools?

Rather than simply telling you what we believe, we asked digital marketers from various sectors which digital marketing tools they prefer.

Then we posed two questions to them:

While there was considerable overlap in replies, the diversity of tools obtained surprised us.

Some internet marketers place great importance on SEO and SEM, while others place a higher value on productivity.

Without further ado, Let’s dive into the list of tools recommended by Industry experts!

Digital Marketing Tools For Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics  

Google provides a simple and free website analytics tool. You may use it to measure website traffic, learn where your online visitors are coming from, how they found your website, how much time they spent on it, and so on.

Google Analytics may also be used with other tools such as Google AdWords and Google Data Studio to better examine your marketing data.

However, it is challenging to design and track new conversions, and it does not allow you to track individual user sessions and learn how people interact with your site. Google Analytics’ basic version is free and suitable for most businesses.

The basic version of Google Analytics is free and is suitable for most companies. It also comes with a premium edition that costs around $100,000 annually and includes extensive data analytics capabilities and complete Google support.


It is a feedback and analytics platform that allows advertisers to track user activity on the site.

The application assists you in identifying the underlying data behavior by utilizing sophisticated features such as site heat-maps, screen recordings of your users, and survey or feedback polls.

As a fellow digital marketer, having a tool like this allows me to analyze the success of a website design while also building solutions that enhance site conversion!

I’ve used it in our most recent e-commerce launch of MSafe, a direct-to-consumer home safe brand.


MixPanel’s purpose is to track events on your website, mobile app, or product.

This allows you to see your consumers’ actions on your mobile app or website.

When you add an event to MixPanel, you will see the trends, count, people that utilized it, and the sequence in which they were used.

It also provides funnels and A/B testing for your mobile app’s various editions.

MixPanel anticipates that you will add the events you will need to track and focus on.

This may be accomplished by utilizing a visual selection or adding code annotations.

Following your selection, the events you wish to track will be shown on your dashboard and the metrics of your choosing.

It provides a free Starter plan and two other plans that require you to pay a monthly subscription fee.

The AdWords Performance Grader  

PPC is a popular strategy for marketers to attract new consumers and develop their companies.

However, numerous elements will influence your performance as a PPC marketer.

It might even be challenging to discern which areas require your attention.

That is why PPC advertisers want AdWords Performance Grader.

The Adwords Performance Grader allows you to swiftly and securely assess the quality of your Google Ads account. After the program has audited your account, it will provide you with a full report outlining your account’s strengths and problems.

This might assist you in determining which account components require more attention. This tool is entirely free to use.


SEMrush, is another essential SEO tool, allowing you to watch the position of your main keywords and research new phrases for ranking.

This tool analysis of keyword suggestions, difficulty, and variants is helpful for generating content ideas and analyzing search intent.


When brainstorming potential keyword ideas and ranking prospects, Ahrefs is the gold standard.

The site explorer feature allows you to examine any URL’s top organic keywords while also evaluating how much traffic a rival obtains for any particular search phrase.

You can also uncover a site’s top-performing content and backlink sources.

In conclusion, Ahrefs is a terrific tool for monitoring competitors and ensuring that your existing content is search-friendly.


If you want to capitalize on keyword opportunities while improving your existing content.

This is when Clearscope comes into play.

The software, which is especially effective for content writing, has a thorough editor recommending keywords, headers, and readability to help you write high-ranking, well-balanced blog entries.

Clearscope covers every corner and crevice of search optimization, whether you’re establishing a content strategy from the start or renewing your existing blogs.

Digital Marketing Tools - Conversion, Marketing Automation, & Personalization  

HubSpot Forms  

With the Drag and Drop Form Builder, you can create free, fast online forms in seconds. Adjust widths, fonts, and colors to create beautiful shapes that match your brand’s design and personality.

When anyone who fills out the form will be automatically redirected to HubSpot CRM, you can further deepen your relationship with leads by setting reminder tasks, making phone calls, and sending personalized emails.

You can easily add a form to your website in just a few seconds or use a standalone form page to share your form with others quickly.


According to Marketo, engagement makes the complex buyer journey simple. Most commonly used by midsize businesses, Marketo offers bundles focused on lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer retention marketing, and mobile marketing. We offer customized products for various industries, including technology, healthcare, media, higher education, and manufacturing.


This marketing tool enables you to create nurturing tracks or sets of email answers based on actions your visitors take on your website.

This tool can save you a lot of time, especially if many visitors download ebooks, sign up for webinars and free consultations, and fill out website forms.

You may also combine it with your CRM so that when a visitor reaches a specific point in the interaction, the visitor is transferred from marketing to sales.

It reduces the time necessary to react to and follow up on each inquiry. There are several features for A/B testing and contact scoring.

Cons, ActiveCampaign takes some time to set up. This digital marketing tool comes at a cost but is worth the time if used correctly.


Unbounce is an excellent tool for quickly building, testing, and deploying new landing pages. Built-in A / B testing and variation analysis will tell you which creatives, calls-to-action, and other page components are effective (and which are not).

Even if you’re not a designer, you can still use Unbounce‘s proven landing page templates as a starting point. Then customize them to your needs.

Platform statistics show which landing page version shows the best performance.


Optimizely combines graphic design with audience targeting tools focusing on landing page experimentation to help you quickly run tests across different parts of your audience.

With a no-code development platform that can test both major and minor changes to your page, fine-tuning your site’s performance doesn’t have to be a big task.

Digital Marketing Tools for Design & Social Media

We’ve witnessed how social media has evolved into the top marketing media for today’s business.

Social media is a great way to nurture leads and create business relationships, and it’s also great for getting vital data about what your consumers want.

Trying to “manually” manage all the moving parts of social media is a prescription for exhaustion.

Consider how specialized software can help you generate more valuable content and leverage social media to achieve your long-term business objectives.


Loomly‘s “brand success platform” is a solution designed for smaller social teams wanting to plan and collaborate on content.

Built-in calendars, deadlines, and processes make scheduling and brainstorming material easy. Loomly also curates fresh content ideas for users based on hot themes and Twitter conversations.

The simple, no-frills UI is simple to use and appealing to people who are not necessarily tech-savvy. The platform’s low cost appeals to single entrepreneurs and small enterprises wishing to manage their social presence.


Canva is a free designing tool that allows you to create clean and professional-looking visuals rapidly. To assist in personalizing the visuals you create, you may upload photos, icons, and your logo.

It’s pretty simple to use, and anyone (even those with no design knowledge) can immediately grasp it.

We often use Canva to create infographics and gifs for our website and social media postings.

It’s an excellent method for creating eye-catching and branded visuals that garner attention on social media and appear in Google Image search.


We’ve discussed the value of social listening for discovering trends and potential consumers several times.

Audiense, for example: takes listening to the next level by assisting businesses in identifying and segmenting their social media consumers. This allows you to create laser-targeted ad campaigns and delve deeper into your consumer personalities.

You’d be amazed at what you can discover from social alone, digging into demographics, personality traits, and beyond.

Audiense’s platform primarily focuses on Twitter, making it ideal for B2B marketers trying to prospect and B2C enterprises looking to learn more about their target demographic.


Buffer is a great internet marketing tool. Use it to schedule posts on several social networking networks. It is straightforward to use and intuitive.

You can create a weekly content calendar and use Buffer to plan Monday posts.

Starting next week, you can assess how your postings performed across various social media networks.

Using Buffer will save you a lot of time. It can handle all your social media networks’ scheduling and analytics in one location.


Hootsuite, on the other hand, is one best software. Enjoy this program since it monitors all of our social media sites at once while providing post updates, review answers, and connecting with your customers’ networks.

The software also allows us to share information via a plug effortlessly-in that you may use in sharing. Hootsuite will enable you to publish at specified times on all social media platforms; you can establish a social media calendar and use Hootsuite to post at specific times throughout the day. Hootsuite’s automated postings are at times convenient for us to engage and convert as many people as possible.


Creatopy is a visual design tool like Canva, except it highlights certain aspects specializing in marketers.

For example, the platform’s design sets and brand kits enable you to collaborate with other marketers while keeping your brand creatives organized.

This is especially helpful for agencies that manage several customers or social profiles.

Meanwhile, the ability to change the same design in numerous forms (for example, desktop banner versus mobile) with a single click saves significant time.


The Visme platform is mainly used for making presentations and data visualization.

Visme is perfect for anyone who routinely publishes research on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn since infographics and fresh data are among the most-shared materials on the social media platform.

This platform allows you to access data from various sources (such as spreadsheets) to make presentation preparation a breeze.

Email Marketing tools


HubSpot, renowned for its CRM and inbound marketing tools, just released an email marketing solution.

HubSpot Email Marketing is easy to use, has high deliverability, and is natively linked with all other HubSpot products, including the free-forever CRM and hundreds of other popular marketing tools.

The tool features a Free Plan that includes up to 2,000 email sends per month, contact lists, a drag-and-drop email builder, and ready-made templates to get you started immediately.

HubSpot eliminates complexity by integrating tools and bringing them together.

Sprout Social is one of the possible integrations. You can create and allocate tasks for your customer support staff as part of Sprout’s care features.

Sprout and HubSpot integration allow your team to generate, track, manage, and resolve issues without leaving the app.


SendGrid offers email marketing services as a complete suite. Many are suitable for both beginners and email veterans.

For ex: the platform offers flexible design options through visual, drag-and-drop editing, coding, or a combination of both. Detailed deliverability and performance analysis are also built into SendGrid, giving marketers insight into what messages are executed and what needs to work.

We know: there are countless email marketing solutions. However, the main benefits of SendGrid are a permanently free plan for growing businesses and scalable pricing to meet the needs of growing your list.


The platform primarily focuses on deliverability, and lemlist stands out among our email marketing platforms.

Lemlist is a great way to improve your existing campaigns by emphasizing the best time (and frequency) to deliver your messages and allowing you to get more opens and clicks.

Instead of second-guessing your marketing efforts, lemlist may be a game-changer regarding how to warm up your list.

Personalization technologies make your outreach emails seem less spammy, and follow-up email sequences promote more responses from cold prospects.

Which digital marketing tools do you use to improve your digital marketing strategy?

You can simplify your marketing efforts with the correct technologies while automating a slew of chores.

Any digital marketing tools listed above may be used to build an effective digital marketing stack. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go through experiments to uncover what works best for your company and budget.

Once you’ve figured out your digital marketing tools, you’ll be able to move on with your campaigns confidently and keep a better pulse on your marketing efforts.

Moreover, if you haven’t already, look at our collection of digital marketing tools to help you structure and assess your digital marketing efforts so that they correspond with your company’s goals!

Hopefully, you are going to find ideal digital marketing tools for your ongoing projects.   Kindly note that whether if you are an individual digital marketer or a member of a digital marketing team, these tools work pretty much for everyone.

Connect here or let us know your must have digital marketing tools in the comments below!

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