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“Startup” has been the buzz world for a while. Our lives revolve around startups. The services which we use the most are a result of these rising startups with young bright ambitious individuals, who with their revolutionary ideas disrupt the traditional industry with their methodologies and their innovation. 

Here we are talking about the successful startups. All these startup unicorns were a small operation run in a small office by a select group of people. Every startup has used digital marketing to their advantage to enter the market and disrupt the traditional supply chain. This would have been possible without digital marketing. 

There are plenty of businesses that have superior products/services but are outsold by the one’s that are mediocre compared to their standards. Where do you think they went wrong? The reluctance and ignorance of digital marketing and understanding the vitality of it for a business can either make or kill the business. 

We at RDS Digital provide complete roadmap for startups for their digital success. 

Every startup must have a brand. As soon as we here of brands, there are certain logos, voice or tone or websites that come to your mind. Whenever you think shoes, you might think Nike. When you think of Drinking water, you think of bisleri. The brand becomes synonymous with the product they are selling. That is where the true brand value lies.  We help you in creating a brand that resonates and showcases the individuality and what the business stands for. This helps to connect with people and help convey emotions.

 We at RDS will help you in creating original content which resonates with your brand. Good content has shown to increase website traffic by up to 2000%. We will create content that is relevant and distributable which will help you bring in organic traffic through nonpaid methods and convert those into sales.

Product showcase must be a vital process in digital marketing world. A product must exhibit and be showcased to display the edge your product has above all else. We help you in creating images and videos that will help the consumers see and make an informed choice. Pages with video or images draw over 94% more views

Digital marketing without a strategy is equivalent driving with your eyes closed. You are moving ahead, but are you moving in the right direction. We help strategize your whole digital marketing game. We will streamline the processes and create great content that will create organic traffic. 

Join us and help turn your startup into one of those Unicorns!

People Who Love Our Work

It’s been our pleasure working with Deepak and team. They have done some very good work for us on the digital branding & marketing space. First, we started with the intent of redeveloping our website as it been a while, we did not really have this plan of digital marketing in mind that time. We did multiple trials before we arrived at the final version of the site (which is online now). With smart thinking and good market awareness, Deepak & team were able to suggest the right wordings and catchy statements. Post this work, the traffic to our website has increased multifold & Client inquiries to our IVR have also increased tremendously. Now we are planning to engage Deepak and team for all our digital marketing needs.

Gopal Kondath
Director, GK HR Consulting India Pvt ltd

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