Let’s start with a quick question. When do you think about social media marketing strategies, and which apps come to your mind? Yes, you guessed it right these are none other than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although, due to the extreme popularity of these social media platforms, marketers use these platforms to the fullest for their marketing strategies. Furthermore, in this world of cut-throat competition, it has become challenging to reach the right audience. Therefore, letting you change the game plan for yourself and look after other platforms to carry out your goals, such as Reddit.

When you compare with other social media platforms for your marketing plans, it is quite possible that you might get less satisfied with the platform. However, when you do it precisely, Reddit marketing can remarkably do wonders for you and brings website traffic for you.

Before diving in and discussing the Reddit marketing tips, let’s start from scratch, explore the platform, and know why it is essential.

Let's Explore Reddit

Reddit beautifully conveys its message through the slogan “the front page of the internet” they quietly say Reddit is the news collection and discussion website.

The users of the platform share information referring to distinct categories such as sports, news, technology, travel, etc. Furthermore, the content shared by the Redditors is an up-vote or downvote by their fellow Redditors. If the content gets enough up-vote, it will be featured on Reddit’s home page.

Let’s back up the Reddit with the number. Alexa stated that the US has 330 million monthly users, making it the 5th most visited platform in the US. You’ll be surprised to know that the US has accounted for more than 40% of Reddit’s desktop traffic.

Regional distribution of Reddits desktop traffic-Reddit Marketing


Let’s back up the Reddit with the number. Alexa stated that the US has 330 million monthly users, making it the 5th most visited platform in the US. You’ll be surprised to know that the US has accounted for more than 40% of Reddit’s desktop traffic.

The Ultimate Reddit Marketing Guide!

As a digital marketer, you explored the boundless possibilities of Reddit marketing. However, it would be best if you had a well-structured game plan to be ahead of the pack in Reddit social media marketing.

Top 10 Reddit Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business Brand In 2022

Promoting your brand on social media channels is not just about sharing content. It is much more than that. One wrong step from your side, all your efforts will go down the drain. You might be getting into the list of spammers. If you also want to create a plan that helps you out in cornering the market. So, hold your cup of coffee or tea and keep reading the blog. We will take you through the fantastic Reddit marketing strategies that will surely raise the bar for your business.

1. Reddit Marketing Etiquette - r/Marketing

Start from scratch by reading the principles of Reddit about self-promotion(r/Marketing); you will come to know what is allowed and what is not. Once you are done with that, go through the Reddiquette here. You will come to know Reddit’s main rule.

The list consists off-

a) Go for the source of the content whenever you share stories.

b)  Research for duplicate content before posting.

c) Obey similar standards of behaviour online as you follow in real life.

d) Ahead of any submission, go through the guidelines of the community

Before carrying out any marketing activity, you need to understand why people use Reddit. As stated by Signity solutions, Redditors use the platform only to get an answer for their problem and entertainment. Therefore, if you can offer anyone of them, then contribute to the conversation. Furthermore, always remember that Reddit hates marketing, so never try to sell or promote anything on the platform.

2. The Advertising Policies By Reddit You Should Know

Under its advertising policies, Reddit covers quality, style, URLs, and the landing page. Let’s learn the basics you should know for every section.

Video Advertising

The quality of video advertisement must be excellent, including visuals, audio, and text. Ensure that your content should be relevant to the mass audience. Additionally, the language used in the video should be according to your target audience where you are advertising.

Mature-rated media are allowed on Reddit. At the same time, it needs to follow the rating laws of each country. Moreover, videos should be labelled as shocking, graphic, or profane content.

Ad Styles Policies Of The Reddit

Reddit emphasizes the importance of professional-looking ads that are detailed and to the point.

a) Minimum use of the emoji and symbols

b) Never include your detail in the ad until and unless proclaimed by the regulatory body.

d) Capitalization should be less than 50% or less

e) The images should be high quality.

Reddit Ad Quality

Reddit stresses quality as it gives clarity and accuracy to the product or services.

a) Never miss interpret the product, brand, or service.

b) Clickbait needs to be avoided in the ads

If you are willing to grow your business through Reddit marketing strategies, you should watch the above points. They will surely keep you ahead of the pack.

3. Ask Me Anything

Reddit has a subreddit known as “Ask me anything.”

It is an excellent way to interact with the community and know their needs and concerns. Furthermore, it steps up your engagement and places you as a genuinely caring brand for its audience. Moreover, this Reddit strategy will showcase your expertise in the industry. Not only this, AMA will help you understand your audience and what type of content they want from you. Moreover, AMA will help you create content to solve your audience’s problems.

4. Start a BigSEO Subreddit

Willing to cater to your audience with Reddit social media marketing. To engage with your audience, solve their queries about the company, and share industry news.

Now you must be wondering how you will do it. Well, don’t worry, we have a solution for this too. A well-known way for every business to be on the right side of Reddit’s rules is to create a subreddit for your brand. Furthermore, this is an excellent approach to engaging and building a relationship with your audience.

5. Reddit For The Paid Advertisement!

Reddit For The Advertisement-Reddit Marketing

Well, Google will always come up with algorithm updates. So, today we are here with some game plan that will surely turn around the table for you. By applying SEO Marketing Strategies, you will be able to increase the ranking of your website on a google search engine, and you will also be ready for any changes that might come in the future.

Different types of Ads on Reddit.

Reddit mainly has two types of ads. The first one promoted those you can see at the top of the subreddits. The Second one is display ads. Let’s discuss them in detail.

a) Display Ads

These are the most dominant modes of advertising. The display ads are not limited to sharing your post, but apart from this, you can share your customers’ stories that associate with your brand.

You are free to opt from CPM, CPC, or CPV, and these will be available on the Reddit ad dashboard through auction.

b) Promoted Video Ads

These are accessible as CPM and CPV bids. Features consist of an auto-play video and an optional CTA button.

c) Promoted Carousel Ads

In this type of ad, six carousel images/gifs are allowed, and here the types of bids are CPC & CPM. Furthermore, these ads are shown in the Reddits feed section.

6. Organic Reddit Growth Strategy

Perchance you are not ready to pay for the advertisement. That’s fine; you can go with some strategies to begin your Reddit digital marketing without paid ads.

Use Personal Account

Instead of setting up a business account, you can create a personal profile. Here you can engage with the community by resolving queries and posting your niche content. By doing this, you can show your expertise by eluding self-promotion.

Beardbrand’s Eric Banholtz has attracted more than 650 members in their subreddit by applying this technique only.

Beard-brand used to post their content on YouTube as follows-

a) This hair and beard transformation is insane.

b) Son shaves head to support mom fighting cancer.

c) Haircut transformation peaky blinders style.

Now you might get the idea.

The beard brand shares the news and their customers’ story with their subreddit members within the Reddit guidelines and with no promotional content.

7. Raise Your Karma Score With Reddit Community

Raise Your Karma Score with Reddit Community-Increase Your Karma Point-Reddit Marketing

Karma is the award system used by Reddit to show your contribution to the platform.

Let’s understand it more straight forwardly. It accords you with the score based on your engagement. Higher the number of upvotes on your shared content, the higher your karma score and vice versa.

From an advanced technical point of view, you can access restricted Reddit communities if you have a high karma score, which will also lift the posted limit. Furthermore, your profile will be authoritative.

A higher karma score will establish your brand, make it authoritative, and attract more people to your profile.

How To Increase Your Karma Point?

a) Try to connect with large subreddit; these communities are likely to be more active.

b) Ensure that your post is impartial to avoid down-votes on your content.

8. Expand Your Network

Expand Your Network-Reddit Marketing

Networking is among the most crucial Reddit digital marketing strategies. It will endow you with a long-term relationship with your users. Moreover, it will help you expand your reach, which will open the doors for new opportunities and keep you ahead of the pack.

Ways to expand the network on Reddit

a) Connect with communities of your niche and advertise your product here.

b) Set up your subreddit, grow and interact with your audience there.

The first one is, without a doubt, a strenuous task. However, it is a persuasive method and will accord you with quick results.

The second method is quite complicated and time-consuming as you will be starting the subreddit from scratch and generating traffic; it will take some time. Moreover, it is time take, but it gives you long-term results. Lots of brands run their subreddit.

9. Boost Your Posts

Your content should be exciting, and it should add value to your readers because if the readers don’t feel that the content is solving their problem, they will bounce back in no time. Furthermore, if the quality is not good enough, it will fail to get up-votes on Reddit. To increase the visibility of your content, optimize it according to the US domain. You will be surprised to know that the title and the content readability play crucial roles. Moreover, tags under 120 will be considered ideal and help you optimize your content.

10. Keep Skilled PR Team

As your business grows, the threat of your PR disaster becomes inescapable, and the extent of this disaster can be greater than you imagined ever. Social media can be a boon for your company, but at the same point, it is so unpredictable that anything one comment or tweet can hugely affect the image of your company. Therefore, you should hire a skilled PR team to cope with this problem.

Elevate Your Reddit Digital Marketing With RDS!

Reddit social media marketing might look as easy as a pie to handle. However, it is complex for many business owners to start working on their own to enhance their digital presence, but no sooner do they get frustrated and quit because they fail to get the desired results. Although, you don’t have to be worried because RDS digital has covered you up.

Reddit’s growth strategy is complex to understand. Therefore it takes time to get the results. However, we have excellent tips and tricks that surely help you out in the smooth sailing of your business.

We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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