This is the era of social media, where billions of people are spending most of their time on various social media platforms, and also many companies are using social media to connect with their audience and make a strong customer base. Social media plays a major role in the marketing world.

Social media is a powerful tool for brand development that can drive sustainable organic growth through any kind of micro or macro-environmental threat.

It should always be a top strategic priority to develop your brand’s value. So, because of these features of social media, it becomes important to understand social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at what is social media marketing:

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that promotes products or services using social networking platforms or websites. Social media marketing provides companies with the means to reach new customers, engage existing customers and foster their desired culture, mission or tone.

Through social media, businesses are getting such a huge audience to interact with and market their products. So here are the 7P’s of the social media marketing that would help businesses to create successful marketing strategies on social media for their product and services and brand building.

7P’s Of Social Media Marketing


The first P of social media marketing is Product. Social media marketing gives you a new way to promote your product. Now through social media, you can see how your client is using your product in real life, monitor your reputation, enhance your customer service, receive feedback on your product or service through questionnaires, surveys, and polls, and get ideas for future products. Social media also operates as a free advertising forum to provide customers with product information and capabilities.


The next P is Place. Anyone with social media doesn’t need a store, a fancy website, or an office to sell to your customers, Social Media can make all of this easier. You can be a big manufacturer or individual you can sell you can sell your product on the social media marketplace and expand your geographical region beyond brick and mortar. Instead of entering complex code at the back end of corporate websites, it is easier for small companies to sell the product through photos on Facebook or Google+ pages.


The next P is the Price. The demographics of various social media networks allow you to charge more or less per segment. High net value people can be aimed at selling at a premium price, while lower-income could perhaps be targeted at discounts or budget levels.


The next P is the Promotion. You can promote on almost all social media sites as long as you know who your target audience is and what channel/social media platforms they are using. Content marketing and customer engagement are vital to the promotion of your company, but always remember that social media is a social network where people communicate.


The next P is the People. People are the most important part of any business. ‘Customer is the King’, so consider them in every decision you ever take for business. 

To reach your clients, stakeholders, and potential employees, use social media. For each target audience, customize content and message as well as your various buyers. Encourage customer engagement through social media platforms and respond quickly and professionally to any comments, complaints or praise you may have. Make sure you pass on the relevant feedback to your team as well.


The next P is the Process. HubSpot and Hootsuite programs allow you to automate social networking and schedule your posts in large numbers, save time and improve productivity. Developing a calendar to map social items in advance, identifying clear plans for each social network keeps your social participation focused and organized.

Physical Environment

The last P of social media marketing is the Physical Environment. Your consumers’ everyday physical experiences have grown to include constant interaction with technology, smartphones and social media. Social media have become more personal, focusing on interactive functions like video, animation, and updates in real time. Your company should always concentrate on honing the customer, its user experience and how to improve things.


The 7 P’s of social media marketing exceed the traditional method of marketing. These basic concepts will help businesses continue to create a positive social presence for their brand and maintain their customer base.

We hope you found this useful. Learn more about top 6 social media marketing strategies you must adopt to sky-rocket your social media presence in 2022.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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