Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword for a while now. With the advancement in artificial intelligence(AI), various industries are trying to sneak in an opportunity to enter the deep learning world of Artificial Intelligence.

AI advancement has led to collection, analysis, and application of data. Learning from the past trends has never been easier.

Digital marketing combined with AI can fetch beautiful results. Digital marketing is an evolving field which is undergoing daily transformations. From Apple’s SIRI to Microsoft’s Cortana, every industry to trying to get their systems equipped with AI. The future is here.

Previously, the marketers were hesitant to apply AI into marketing as they were unsure about it’s application. Now, times have changed. AI has been widespread used in digital marketing. AI helps collect, build, analyze and learn from the data. This has helped us develop algorithms which has made the system smart enough to suggest and present data. This development can be seen on Spotify App. Their algorithms help you discover tracks which are similar to your taste. Their algorithm recognizes and bucketise you, which aids in getting great music recommendations. Or, how amazon suggests you products which you might be interested in based on your previous search results.

Let us talk about the various benefits that Digital Marketing can attract by implementing AI:

1. Improved Customization:

As mentioned above, Amazon is the prime example of improved customization. Amazon showcases the products that you might be interested in by analyzing your previous search results. This helps in providing custom experience for the customer instead of going through number of different web pages to procure your item.

2. Dynamic Pricing:

We can set systems to be created to dynamically price the products based on the demand and supply. This helps the business to stay on top of the game providing exciting offers when applicable. Economics concocted with AI provides custom experience for the customer enabling them to achieve the best digital experience.

3. Chatbots:

Artificial intelligence was reserved for science fiction movies or for tech. Today, AI is a common technology. We have Siri on iPhone and Cortana for Windows. They help us with our daily tasks making it easier. Let us start with understanding how chatbots work. Chatbots are AI powered program which facilitates a conversation with the customer on behalf of the business. Chatbots leverages machine learning; this helps the program to deep dive into training the chatbot as well as learning from its everyday interactions, utilizing the data to provide better results to customers. Chatbots can handle the initial interaction regarding their basic doubts and with advanced learning capabilities. This helps your team to concentrate on tasks which need more attention.

4. SEO:

Search algorithms are one of the most important contributions that have been made by AI. These algorithms capture the data and help us interpret the data to provide the results which will attract the customers. SEO works with keyword searches and AI can help record the same. This duo if used well, can help generate organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic results spending lesser on marketing and increasing conversion.

5. Content Curation:

The data gathered can be used to analyse the type of content which has gained traction and which has not. This helps in curating content, to create relevant and distributable content to attract prospect customers. Gone are the days when the consumer was not aware of the products. Consumers are aware now and are spoilt for choice. Ensuring great content is there for the customers to read promotes the sales and helps increase conversion.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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