Artificial intelligence was reserved for science fiction movies or for tech. Today, AI is a fairly common technology. We have siri on iphones and cortana for windows. They help us with our daily tasks making it easier. With everyday advancement, time is here now for digital marketing to adapt the chatbots which are powered by AI machines.

There are plenty of applications for AI in digital marketing. Chatbots are one of the implications.

Let us start with understanding how chatbots work. Chatbots are AI powered programs which facilitate a conversation with the customer on behalf of the business. Chatbots leverages machine learning; this helps the program to deep dive into training the chatbot as well as learning from its everyday interactions, utilizing the data to provide better results to customers. Chatbots can handle the initial interaction regarding their basic doubts and with advanced learning capabilities. This helps your team to concentrate on tasks which need more attention.

Do not worry about I Robot being recreated with machines taking over the world. In the hindsight, AI powered chatbots are helping the digital marketing industry to create a market space assisted by chatbots; these bots will gather enough information about the problem, which facilitates the executive to look into the case and provide an urgent solution.

Econsultancy found that 57% of customers prefer live chat.

Chatbots can bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Chatbots can also be used to suggest additional/similar items to help showcase our products. The data gathering is more streamlined and arranged. This enables the team to analyse the data to check where the most gaps are occurring.

You can use chatbots for the following:

  1.       Gathering Information: All the chats the bot enters into is recorded for further development. This information gathered is stored in the database. This data helps the executives to understand the issues helping them to streamline their process.
  2.       Answer FAQs: Clearing FAQs can be considered as one of the greatest attributes of a chatbot. This helps save the time of executives on answering redundant questions.
  3.       Quick Greet: Website is your digital marketplace. We would never like to enter a store where we are not addressed to. It’s the same for a website. It’s your online store. Chatbots help with greeting the customer and help clear any queries.
  4.       Research: Data gathering helps to understand the pattern. It also helps you to deep dive into understanding your audience and help create better content to cater to these audiences.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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