We all know that SEO is dynamic; whenever you have had thought that you are on the same page with Google, precisely at that moment, google comes up with a new algorithm update. Therefore, letting you change the game plan.

Top 6 SEO Marketing Strategy To Transform Your Business To The Next Level

Well, Google will always come up with algorithm updates. So, today we are here with some game plan that will surely turn around the table for you. By applying SEO Marketing Strategies, you will be able to increase the ranking of your website on a google search engine, and you will also be ready for any changes that might come in the future.

Let's Find out How You Can Boost Your Business Through Search Engine Optimization - SEO Marketing Techniques!

On-Page SEO Marketing Strategy That Will Keep You Ahead Of The Pack

New to SEO online marketing, have no clue where to start! Don’t worry; we are here to back you up with some out-of-the-box on-page SEO tactics that will surely raise the bar for you.

1. Focus On Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer in comparison to your common keywords; they are more specific, and they clearly show the user’s intent behind the query. However, they are lower in search volume, but they can be valuable for you. One of the crucial reasons you should go for the long-tail keywords is because they have higher search intent, which is why they are more specific. Therefore, you should play around with those keywords, which have high possibilities of users taking action on your website that you want them to take.  

Let’s take an example of long-tail keywords for a better understanding of “Best SEO Company Near Me”, and now opposite to this, we will take one short-tail keyword SEO. Therefore now you can clearly understand the intent behind both the searches.

For “Best SEO Company Near Me”, users undoubtedly ask a question for which they want a straightforward answer. Whereas for “SEO”, the intent is not clear. The user might be looking for what it stands for or something else.

Long-tail keywords usually have lower search volume, so the competition is also low. Therefore it will be easier to rank high by using these keywords.

So now you might understand why the long-tail keywords are essential. Suppose you have no idea how to use them or think that this is a mind-numbing task for you. Don’t worry here also we’ll back you. RDS digital is the one-stop destination for all your SEO online marketing queries. We have a team of professional SEO consultants who will get your work done in a hot minute and help you out in the corner of the market.

2. Use Keywords In Image Alt Text For Google Search Engines Crawlers

Alt text, commonly known as alternative text, is a short description of the image. According to Google, it plays a vital role in ranking your website high on a search engine; furthermore, MozCast says that alt text can have more than 20% effect on search results.

As we all know, the internet is easily accessible, and so is the Google algorithm. This means accessible websites have a higher chance of ranking high on google in comparison to non-accessible ones. In a nutshell, a more accessible website is likely to get more traffic.

How to use keywords in Alt text in websites?

a. Your description should complement your image. Write a description in a way that matches your image.

b. Make your description as simple as possible. Please don’t make it too complex.

c. Try out ways to assimilate your secondary keywords in your alt image text

Now you might be wondering: this is a strenuous task along with your own business; how will you carry out this activity? No need to worry at all. We have a team of the finest local SEO Specialists who will take care of all your SEO online marketing campaign stress. Thus, raising the bar of your business.  

3. Great User Experience (UX) Should Be Your Utmost Priority For Online Traffic!

We all know that content and keywords are the most critical factors in ranking you high on search engines. Well, we can’t ignore users’ experiences from the very beginning until they finish since Google considers numerous factors before ranking your website. Time spent on the page is also among them. If the bounce rate of your website is high, this means users are not spending time on it. Google takes it as a signal that you are not providing the content users are looking for. The factors affecting your dwell time and bounce rate are the time taken by a webpage to load.

You will be amazed how the first 5 seconds of loading a webpage are the most important from the conversion point of view. Most of the conversion happens at the very beginning when visitors just landed on your page. Each passing second in your webpage’s loading will decrease the chance of conversion by 4.42 percent. Thus, user experience becomes the most crucial factor in ranking a website on the Google search engine.

Word of advice to make a great user experience.

  1. The most relevant content should be on top.

  2. Decrease the image size for each webpage to boost the loading speed of the webpage.

  3. The content should be easy to navigate, especially the longer content should include short paragraphs and clear headlines.

Search engine optimization consultant companies are backed by a techie who can get your work done and optimize your webpage speed.

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Off-Page SEO Marketing Strategy That Will Surely Change The Game For You!

Although many of us often ignore off-page SEO while creating a game plan, it is a crucial part to look at.

1. Exterminate The Spammy Backlinks

Spammy Zombie Links-SEO Marketing Strategy

Backlinks are considered the treasure of SEO, but the quality of those backlinks should be excellent. In 2021 Google came up with an algorithm update that deteriorated the bad backlinks. This means backlinks from the authoritative website will be considered good backlinks; the rest will become lousy quality backlinks. There is ample website that never gets organic traffic from Google. You know the reason behind this because they don’t have single backlinks.

Exterminate the Spammy Backlinks - SEO Marketing strategy

So by now, you are aware of the importance of backlinks. Therefore it is vital to have good quality backlinks. If you are also worried about where you can get good quality backlinks, then you are in the right place at the right moment; we have an excellent team of local SEO specialists who will help you out in the smooth sailing of your business.  

2. Elevate Your EAT Score With Expert Content Marketing Strategy Advice!

“Expertise, Authority, Trust” is commonly known as the EAT score. This is one of the essential factors in regulating the page’s quality. Well, you can’t be the expert on each topic you write, so try to connect with the expert or match the content in a way that gets a high score for your website.

You will be glad to know that 47 percent of buyers first consume 3-4 content before moving forward in the funnel to decide. Therefore, expert advice on your content or matching their content will surely increase the possibility of boosting the EAT score.

Interviewing the subject matter brings lots of benefits. They are not the only way to borrow authority from them. But you can also link other interviews given by him to other content creators, embed quotes, videos, etc., which undoubtedly will win the game for you.

3. Establish Your Brand With Digital Marketing Strategy!

Google believes that the internet has become a “cesspool” where false information spreads. In order to weed out this information, google takes the brand as a signal that its content is relevant for the search made on the internet. Therefore, it has become crucial to build yourself as a brand for better ranking on google search engines.

Although if a brand frequently grows on all the platforms, it can elevate its revenue. Moreover, a brand can build loyalty among its customers and share your vision. Hence, building a brand might be a strenuous task. Thinking about elevating your online presence and desire to establish a brand, you are at the right place. We have a professional SEO consultant who will establish your brand’s SEO online marketing and do reputation management for you to keep your brand safe from social media platform attacks from your competitors who want to defame it.

Facing Problem In SEO Marketing Strategy ? RDS Digital Can Be The Solution For You!

At RDS digital, we fix upon and let the business grow digitally. Were you thinking about growing your business digitally? If yes, then we are here at your service! When it comes to Google, a lot of things change constantly. Therefore, it may become challenging to keep your business up to date with all those trends along with performing other essential tasks. We at RDS Digital know it pretty well. Hence, if you struggle with the same, join our team and leave the rest to us!

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