“You are your own brand!”

Social media platforms are not limited to entertainment and casual browsing, it has now become the best way to build and boost your personal brand. 

Having an online presence helps you create an online identity representing your personal beliefs and professional abilities. Your online presence is now as significant as your offline behavior.  

It takes some effort to build your personal brand on social media, but it can help you find your next job or foster valuable connections.

In this article, we will discuss some social media best practices and tips to boost your personal brand on social media but before that, let’s understand what is meant by personal branding.

What Is Personal Branding?

“Market yourself as a brand.”

As the name ‘Personal Branding’ suggests, it is marketing people and their careers as brands. It is all how you promote yourself.

Through personal branding, you can decide how the world can see you in terms of skills, experience, and personality. 

Personal branding helps to differentiate yourself from others. 

Social media personal branding is building yourself as a brand over various social media. Below we have discussed some best practices and excellent tips to boost your personal brand on social media.

Social Media Best Practices To Boost Your Personal Brand

1. Keep Your Social Media Profile Updated:

You must keep updating all your social media profiles with the most current information related to you. If it is not updated, then do it now. Personal branding on social media also means that the audience finds you relevant. The information includes all the details related to you which are appropriate for your target audience. It can include your name, your latest image, address, work experience, details about projects you have done, etc. Keeping your profile updated can help you to drive more traffic to your pages.

2. Define Your Areas Of Expertise:

This is one of the most important steps. You should know your expertise or your specialization in some field. As your expertise is something, you are going to be recognized by your audiences. Personal branding is something that helps to show what a person stands for.

You could be an expert in any field, but all you need is to identify your specialization, and based on it, you can choose your appropriate social media platform to build yourself as a brand. You could be an expert in technology, makeup, and skincare, marketing, traveling, knowledge of science, or any other subjects. Make sure to include your interest and skills in all your social media profile descriptions. These things serve as keywords that will help you to appear on relevant search results. 

3. Share Content Regularly:

Building a brand, whether it’s a personal or a business brand, takes lots of effort. Sharing and posting content regularly on social media platforms can make your brand easy to find on any social media platform. It gives a hike in traffic, increases followers, and increases interaction with your audience. Sharing content regularly can increase your brand visibility and build brand loyalty.

Here are some tips for how often you should post on different social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Minimum 1 post per day and maximum 2.
  • Twitter: 7 tweets per day. 
  • Pinterest:  5 pins per day.
  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day.
  • Google+: 2 posts per day.
  • Instagram: 2 posts per day.

4. Maintain Consistency In Brand Voice, Image, And Tone:

Consistency is the key. Being consistent in your brand voice, image, and tone on all the social media channels can help you build a better and more impactful personal brand. It also helps in increasing the authority of your brand. So, when deciding how to brand yourself on social media, you should also consider your brand voice, image, and tone. It is part of your online personality and the way people are going to recall you. For example, your logo and design element should be consistent across all the social media channels. 

Another example, if your blog is designed with a blue theme, you should maintain the same design on your social media pages. If your brand follows a formal tone on one platform, it should keep on every platform. People will recognize you through your consistency.

5. Create And Curate Engaging Content:

Creating and curating high-quality and engaging content always lift your brand’s visibility and traffic and showcase your field expertise. Your content should be relevant, unique, engaging, and provide value to your audience as people love to read and share such content. So, in addition to creating your exciting content, you should regularly post and share content on social media. It would help if you also repost or share others’ content relevant to you and your user.

6. Find And Join The Relevant Groups:

Finding and joining groups pertinent to your field of expertise can help you in many ways to build your personal brand. Participating in such groups helps increase your knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, build confidence, get relevant feedback, and more. These groups allow expanding your connection and building relationships with the people who share the same interests. Not only that, it motivates you to do more and keep accountable.

7. Take Advantage Of Social Media Features:

One of the best ways to come in front of your audience’s eyes in a short period is through using various social media features. Different social media platforms upgrade themselves by adding new features every time for their users. Their users can engage and interact with their audience in more engaging and innovative ways. Utilizing tools like daily stories, reels, polls, etc., can help you grow faster than ever before. Research says that users who use various social media features to interact with their audience are getting more traffic than those who don’t use it. So it would be very beneficial if you explore and utilize various features of different social media to engage with your audience in building yourself as a brand.

8. Be Active And Responsive On All Social Media Channels:

It will become impossible to build your brand and stand out on social media if you don’t actively engage with your audience and do not respond to them timely. When you brand yourself on social media, you can wonder with your audience through questions, discussions, comments, answers, etc. Active participation and timely response can help you build a strong bond with your audience and give your audience a feeling of belongingness. It also ensures loyal followers toward your brand.

Wrap Up...

After all these tips and best practices to boost your personal brand on social media, here comes the wrap-up. Building a personal brand on social media takes time and effort. Personal branding is not about what you look like and where you are from; it is about what you stand for and what your audience can expect from you when you perform any activity online. Prepare a proper strategy that works on a long-term basis and consider what’s working for and what’s not.

We hope you found this useful. Learn more about the impact of color psychology in marketing and branding.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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