Let’s do old school today and start with a definition. To quote Kotler, “Digital marketing is a linking consumers with sellers electronically using interactive technologies like emails, websites, online forums and newsgroups, interactive television, mobile communication, etc.” 

So how exactly is it different from the good old traditional marketing that we know of? Let’s find out: 

Traditional marketing:

  • It is a form of advertising or marketing that uses print media, direct mail, broadcasts, and the telephone to reach customers.
  • This is the oldest form of marketing to reach customers.
  • Marketing costs are very high compared to online marketing.
  • There is no reasonable way to measure the customer reach.
  • We cannot predict the future of our business because we do not have enough information and data of target audience.

Digital Marketing:

  • This form of marketing uses the Internet to reach the largest group of  public.
  • It’s a modern form of marketing. 
  • Marketing costs are relatively low compared to the traditional form of marketing.
  • There are many ways to measure information that helps us analyse customer behaviour. Website; Blogs; White Papers and eBooks; Infographics; Automation tools; Social network channels; Online reputation of social networks and online reviews; Online brochures; Brand values just like the company logo.

 As is obvious digital marketing is a highly advanced, focused and effective way. There are multiple strategies that are used by marketers. Read on to know about them …

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) improves visibility of the website on search engine results pages (SERP) through paid advertising. The goal is to increase the visibility of search engine websites through free or paid digital marketing strategies. SEM is about PPC and SEO improve the content by rewriting and improving page rank.

Pay per click (PPC): This method generates site traffic using cost-per-click (PPC) or AdWords. Google AdWords is widely used for PPC. It allows you to pay for the best slots in the Google search engine. PPC can be used as Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, and Quora ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A process of optimizing the site so that it works better in the search engine results pages. The higher a webpage ranks the better it is as it ultimately helps to increase web traffic (organic traffic), without marketers spending a penny.

Social media marketing involves advertising of the brand through various social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora.But each social network has a different tactic that must be followed before using it for commercial purposes.

Content Marketing is a process that uses blog posts, e-books, graphic information, etc. to raise awareness and improve the growth of websites. This is one of the main strategies of digital marketing because content marketing benefits all companies.

E-mail advertising is a way of communicating with potential users by sending an email with information on discounts, offers, and events that promote customer value. It may include newsletter subscriptions to a blog, a follow-up email to website visitors who have downloaded an e-book, a vacation promotion for subscribers and so on.

Affiliate Marketing refers to the compensation process based on advertising for products/services (businesses), which is usually based on commission. When the user clicks on the link provided and purchases the product/service with the referral code, affiliate marketer generally receives rewards in the form of sponsorship benefits.

SMS Marketing is a form of marketing where short message services are used to reach customers. Therefore, it is very easy for businesses to send SMS messages about offers and offers to registered customers directly in their inbox. As a result, it has a high opening rate compared to email marketing. 

Though these are the common strategies, the purpose of using them differs from a B2C to B2B organisation. 

Digital Marketing: B2B vs B2C

For B2B companies, digital marketing is focused on creating an online prospect.That’s why your marketing strategy must be designed to attract the highest quality potential customers through their website and digital channels that are compatible with their partners.In B2C, the aim is to attract more people to your website. And gain new potential customers. That’s why your marketing strategy should focus on accelerating the shopping journey from website site to a buy. This means that your content must emphasize the need for action.Our customers usually ask these questions – “Is digital marketing useful for all companies?”, “Will it work for our product?”  If you were also thinking on the same lines then let me tell you that digital marketing can be used by almost all companies of all sizes and across industries. Regardless of what your offering is. Digital marketing is vital for many reasons. More on that in the next post.


Hope you enjoyed the read. 

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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