Effect of UI/UX on Your Online Business

Imagine if you had to call someone very important. But you cannot find the “calling application” because all your mobile applications look exactly the same.

That’s horrible, isn’t it?

Well, that could be the best example of the worst icon design. Thankfully, phones today are not that ugly.

But, have you ever thought about how phones and computer applications make things seem so simple to us that it feels like a piece of cake to operate? They make it happen with a good design and top-notch UI and UX. If those two abbreviations (UI and UX) have gone over your head and seem jarring to you, Then don’t worry. We will discuss the same in this article.

UI and UX are essential aspects of any business’s brand and online presence. The better “User Experience” and “User Interface” you provide to your customers, the more chances you get to skyrocket your business.

The placement of even a tiny button and a simple navigation bar can make you thousands of dollars. That is why businesses spend 10–20 percent of their development budget on UX to get an 80 percent lift in conversion.

Apart from making profits, UI and UX help you cater to your customers better so that they become loyal to your business.

What is User Interface (UI) Design?

UI is the short form of “user interface.” Every website or mobile app has various information on the screen with which the user interacts. When we land on any website or app, we see multiple elements, such as different scenes, buttons, navigation bars, forms, etc. How it looks to you is what UI design is all about.

When we say “the UI is beautifully designed,” we are talking about all the website’s graphics, illustrations, photographic artwork, and typography. That is ultimately what makes the website pleasant to our eyes.

Here are some of the essential elements of every UI:

  1. Branding
  2. Layout
  3. Typography
  4. Graphic design of elements
  5. Interaction design of elements

Why is a user interface (UI) necessary for your business?

  • The first impression is the last impression!”

You might have read this quote a million times, but business owners ignore the depth behind it. Statistics from Adobe say that if your application or website has poorly designed graphics, nearly 40% of people will navigate away from the site. Moreover, it gives the wrong impression to your potential customers.

  • Great design is a great business

When a professional designer designs the color scheme, layout, graphics, tab and button placement, typography usage, and other visual aspects, it leaves a good impression on your customer. Moreover, your application communicates visually better with your customer.

  • Consistency

When things are designed properly, they give a sense of consistency throughout your brand. Also, talking about a particular app or website helps your customer interact better when things are less cluttered. So, remember to give your audience the solution they are looking for, not a headache.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience is all about the overall feeling a user gets after landing on and leaving your application. Therefore, UX is a crucial part of any business development process. Not only does it play an essential role in your software design, it also determines if your users’ demands are being fulfilled.

See, the more straightforward the application or website you can make, the better it will be for your users and, ultimately, your business’s brand.

For example, if you bake the best product in the world but do not have a door in your shop, Or maybe you have your entry on your roof. It doesn’t sound great, doesn’t it? because nobody or significantly fewer people will know about your product.

Hence, a good user experience design makes your user find what he is searching for instantly and cleverly.

These are the typical aspects of UX design:

  1. Content development
  2. site or information architecture
  3. User persona development
  4. Wireframing and prototyping
  5. User testing

Why is UX design important for your business?

  • UX can reduce your costs down the line.

Prototyping is an essential step in UX design. This means you will know beforehand how your application or software will act. Prototyping allows you to see full-fledged software with limited features. That way, there will be less chance of getting any bugs in the future. Ultimately, it will save you a lot of money.

  • Skyrocket your conversions

Sometimes you never know how a minor change in your application can do wonders for your business. A good user experience design will reduce your users’ effort to find what they are looking for in your application. This increases your conversions and reduces the cost of customer support.

  • You’ll be at the top of search engine results.

Google wants to provide its users with the best possible results for what they are searching for. With a good UI and UX design, your user experience will be top-notch. Hence, Google will elevate your website in search engine result.

How are UI and UX connected?

  • Impact of UI on UX

If we take a broad perspective on the user experience, UI is one of the crucial parts of it. When your user lands on your application, the first thing he sees is the website’s graphics and look. So it’s one of the essential objectives of UX. Indeed, we can say that UI has a significant and direct impact on UX. A shortcoming in the UI will affect the UX as well.

  • Impact of UX on UI

Suppose you have a website that is usable but not useful. In such cases, UI design is not responsible for the user’s decision to leave. So, there are various aspects of UX that are not effects of UI. Going away of the users is because of other factors of UX components such as content development, site architecture, relevance of content, etc.

What is considered good UI and UX design?

If you have a small to midsized business, you might depend mainly on your website or application. Even a tiny tweak in UI and UX can lift your conversion rates off the roof, and a mistake can bring you to the ground. Hence, the more attention you give to your website, it will be more beneficial to your business. 

Customer attention is one of the most essential things about small and midsized businesses. The more customer attention you get on your website, the more sales you can achieve. To achieve this, the UI and UX of your website should be top-notch so that you can hook your visitors on your website and encourage them to use your product or service.

You can understand the excellent user interface and user experience design using two very easy-to-understand rules:

  • Offer value

Do you purchase anything right away? Absolutely not, isn’t it? It’s because we want to do research before spending a dime on the product. Just like that, your customer will not buy from you right after landing on your website. You need to nurture your customer with value and offer. These values and offers can be in any form: a blog, an e-book, a video, a bonus, or even a small-ticket product. By applying this concept, the user experience improves.

  • Do not let your users think

It’s all about time. The less time your customer wastes, the more sales you will achieve. So, do anything and everything to reduce your customers’ effort in finding the right product and information on your website. When your customer finds what he’s looking for and is satisfied with it, sales happen. So make things simple yet effective on your website.

How Can User Interface and User Experience Improve Your Business?

Now that we have discussed the importance and use of UI and UX, Let’s find out how these two terms work their magic on your website.

  • They bring more traffic to your website.

Google knows about everything you do online. It also knows how much information you are providing to your customers. Moreover, the user experience continues after he leaves your website. Hence, if your website has good UI and UX, your customers will be satisfied with your product and service. Once Google finds out that your website provides a good user experience, It will put you at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This means you can win the SEO game with UI and UX. Ultimately, you’ll get insane traffic on your website.

  • They offer consistency.

UI and UX provide your website and brand consistency. This makes your website unique and pleases your customers’ eyes. When things are in a single flow and you maintain consistency, it creates an image in your customer’s mind. This helps your customers use your website or app easily and effortlessly. So with a good application of UI and UX design, you can give your brand a gorgeous user interface, and they will become familiar with your product.

  • They make things easier.

Have you ever tried to download a movie? Well, they throw you tonnes of ads and 100s of download buttons. These buttons are usually on spam websites. They do it to earn money from link clicks. But it gives a bad user experience. Instead, we should focus on making things more simple. You can make things better, and simpler, yet still effective, with UI and UX design. That makes things simpler for your customer and gets you a better conversion rate.

  • The form must follow the function.

Please don’t overdo it! Sometimes, in the flow of providing information and value, we forget the actual purpose of the website. Hence, your customer might get lost on the website, and neither they will find their desired result nor will you get the sale. So, make things available to navigate so they can check other pages.

  • They Keep Stuff Optimized

Having a website means that to make it appealing, you need to have graphics and images. But when you have pictures on your website, it takes more space to load than your text. Hence, it reduces the time to load up. Imagine you have the best service in your city, but your website takes five minutes to open up. That’s too bad, isn’t it? Well, most potential customers go away from your website if the load time is longer. So, with proper UI and UX, you can optimize your website’s graphics to make it load faster and show the results quickly.

  • They help build brand recognition.

 If I ask you about the symbol of “Audi” or “Mercedes,” it just comes to your mind within a second. Likewise, if UI and UX are used correctly on your website and app, it helps your users remember your brand. When you use the same brand color, identity logo, and font family, people remember you in their subconscious mind and contact you when they need your service next time. It will take them no time to hop onto your website. This is the power of UI and UX.

  • You will experience fewer user issues.

The customer’s issue is what takes a large amount of money. The main reason is that your application or website is very ambiguous. And more than solving your customers’ problems, your website makes them fall into them. This is where you need a customer support team. All you need is good UX and UI design to reduce costs. Applying effective UI and UX design can make things exceptional without making your customers sick.


Learn from the big brands on the market. They spent a hefty amount on improving their user experience. UI and UX are essential aspects of your business, as they allow you to make profits and cut costs. Paying considerable attention to these two factors can surely make your conversions go through the roof. Contact RDS Digital Marketing Agency to know more.

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