mobile marketing strategy and perfect timing for mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing Strategy and Perfect Timing for Mobile Marketing

In this blog let us dwell over a different version of marketing – the Mobile version. Mobile marketing is nothing but aligning of marketing campaigns for mobile users. But before going further, let us take a step back and see why is mobile marketing fabled to have a huge reach when compared to other marketing strategies. 

Let’s talk stats. Can you imagine that 65% of Americans own smartphones? Do you know that 70% of mobile searches trigger an action within an hour? Yes, it’s true. Mobile is not only taking every business segment to a new level but has also revolutionized business. Mobile devices are a key communication tool for most consumers and they are growing in numbers worldwide.

So, no longer is running ads on television and newspaper going to suffice. Your customers are on the mobile and so does your marketing campaigns need to be. Today, mobile marketing is indispensable for both online businesses and traditional entrepreneurs. And success rate is huge. The following examples prove this: 

  • Imagine reading a movie review and seeing bloody fingerprints on the screen each time you touch it for a preview. Wouldn’t you love to react? Yes, and so did five million viewers, when HBO used this technique to attract mobile users to the True Blood preview.
  • The American Red Cross ran a SMS fundraising campaign on mobiles and asked people to donate via text message. And a whopping 50 million dollars flowed in as donation!  

So, how can you achieve the same kind of success for your online business? Let’s see: 

Get The Timing Right : 

It’s all about the timing. There is both best and worst times.

Worst Time: 12:00 am -7:00 am

Research shows that mobile usage nosedives during this time span for obvious reasons. Not just the usage, even the willingness to consume marketing content will be very less. So, this becomes the worst time. 

Best Time 8:00 pm -12:00 am

This is the time for you to strike. Also known as the Prime time, Mobile usage is high across various demographics between these hours. So running marketing posts, advertisements and videos at this time will be effective. 


In-App Campaigns

These are extremely powerful. It is an excellent way to send the right message to the right people and control the behaviours we want to see in mobile applications. For example, use a campaign to generate large amount of subscription through push notifications, resulting in greater participation later. Content should differ according to your goal. Before creating content find out the reason for running the campaign: generate sales, increase subscriptions or help users discover new features. The best part of these in-app campaigns are that even people who are not yet your customers are exposed to your marketing content. 

Avoid Unnecessary Notifications

Unlike traditional channels used for marketing, the tolerance rate for unwanted interruptions is dangerously low. So don’t bug the customers with in-app pop-ups, unless you have a very good reason to do so. 

Here are three examples where the perfect synchronization of messages in the application that can produce excellent results:

  1. In a dating application, send a message inviting users to rate their experience immediately after the successful match. And definitely send to those who like the app in App Store. Don’t forget to send a thank you note! 
  2. If a user has read a fifth article by the same author, ask those who have not yet read to do so. And remind them when a new write up from that particular author comes out.
  3. Provide retailers with an integrated campaign that offers a 10% discount on first integrated purchase after at least one item appears in the app during the third session.

It should be obvious that these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless ways to accurately determine the time to run campaigns in the application to maximize the return on investment. 

Try some and don’t forget to tell us when you hit the jackpot! 

Share your thoughts and opinions or even your stories in comments. We would love to hear them.

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