If you want your business to grow big and want to increase your customer base, then you really need to focus on a lead generation strategy. Lead generation is significant for marketers and companies. With a proper strategy of lead generation, you can increase a large number of leads. Increasing leads signifies expanding brand awareness and curiosity about your goods and services, boosting interested prospects via advertising and sales funnel. Lead generation strategies build potent relationships with qualified clients who are ready to invest in your business.

If you are wondering about “how we can generate leads?”, “What kind of lead generation strategy you can adopt?” etc. Then you are on the right page. In this post, we are going to tell some commonly used but effective lead generation strategies. 

What Is Lead Generation?

A lead is any person who shows interest in a company’s products or services in some way.Leads share their information like name, email addresses, occupation, contact number, etc., which companies can use to follow up with leads.

And lead generation is the process of bringing and turning strangers and prospects into leads. There are four components of lead generation or, say, 4L’s of lead generation. Let’s unpack those:

The 4L's Of Lead Generation:

  • Lead Capture: Capture or obtaining information from a lead is called lead capture. Information like the lead’s name, email address, occupation, and more relevant information. 
  • Lead Magnets: Lead magnets are an incentive given to people to gather contact information and drive new leads. Lead magnets can be a free trial, sample, discount on some product, webinars, Newsletter, free consultation, etc.
  • Landing Page Conversion: A Landing Page is a page where a viewer lands after clicking the link. It’s essential to create an ideal landing page that displays the features of the product. Ensure your landing page should have an eye-catching headline and bio and explain the benefits of products and a catchy picture to go along with the explanation. A landing page is effective at generating leads and educating potential customers about the product and company. That’s why it’s the most significant contributor to Lead Generation.
  • Lead Scoring: Lead Scoring is automation software that monitors the leads generated based on the amount of engagement with the inbound marketing and advertising content. Without lead generation lead scoring, the lead generation process is incomplete; without proper software, one cannot track and predict the future’s lead generation tactics.

These are the 4L’s of lead generation; always consider these 4L’s whenever making a lead generation strategy. Now let’s see what some lead generation strategies a business can opt to generate leads are.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies


Freemium is the combination of the words “free” and “premium.” It is a pricing strategy in which a company supplies its main product or service free of charge but charges fees for additional features, services, or virtual or physical goods that enhance the functionality of the free version of the software. Some of the leading companies that use freemium pricing strategy are Spotify, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Google Penalty Checker, Dropbox, etc.

Interested and qualified leads can be captured by offering a free trial or freemium product. Freemium products attract prospective customers who are not ready to purchase. Once users sign up for a free trial, companies can later convert them to paying clients by teasing paid features and offering drip email campaigns that encourage updated accounts’ benefits.


Optimize Your Site (Landing Page, Home Page) To Promote Your Lead Magnet:

To generate more leads, make sure website visitors can easily find your lead magnet. Especially make sure that when you are running an ad, your visitor must land on a relevant page, and that landing page should contain the same offer you are promising on your ad. Not only that, make sure your lead magnet is so strong that your visitors feel very comfortable sharing their information with you. Develop on-site funnels that section your audience and drive them to the lead magnet most likely to react to their needs and interests. Accomplish this by promoting lead magnets around your site.

  • At the end of blog posts and pages, encourage the relevant lead magnet.
  • Include CTA (call to action) 
  • Use pop-ups

Generate Leads Through Social Media:

Social media is a useful tool to generate quality leads. From Instagram stories to Facebook bio links to Twitter URLs, social media sites make it easy to direct your followers to take action. You can advertise your products and services on your social media posts and can include a call-to-action in the caption.

Social media for lead generation

Following are some ways to generate leads from social media:

  • Identify your audience and choose an appropriate social media platform for your business.
  • Optimize your social media profile
  • Use social media paid ads to generate leads.
  • Try to offer incentives on social media.
  • Generate leads with the help of social media influencers

Paid Ads:

Use paid ads to generate more quality leads in a short time. With the help of paid ads, campaigns businesses can reach their targeted audience with their advanced targeting feature (like targeting audience based on their demographics). They can also increase engagement and much more. To generate leads with the help of paid ads, keep some things in mind like identifying your audience, defining your goals, using a call to action, working on the lead magnet and ad copy, etc. PPC (pay-per-click) and social media lead generation ads are effective paid ad forms for lead generation.

Use Chatbots:

Chatbots can be an excellent tool for lead generation. Busy marketers don’t have much time and effort to dedicate to lead generation – that’s why chatbots are here for the rescue. Chatbot software is perfect for building a relationship with prospects because chatbots are available 24/7. Set your chatbots to match your company’s personality, so they act as your marketing and sales team’s automated extensions.

The user starts interacting with The Bot Lab chatbot to acquire more information about what the chatbots do. After the chatbot has provided the user value (via information), they ask to set up a meeting to talk more about it.

Learn more about Chatbots and their importance in marketing.


Use Newsletter To Generate Leads:

Newsletter can also help to generate leads. In this case, use the content as a lead magnet by creating a must-read newsletter that encourages interested parties to join and stay in touch with your brand.  Newsletters enable you to stay at the peak of the customer’s thoughts and share promotions for your goods and services that could drive prospects down the buying funnel. Make sure your Newsletter must ask your customer for relevant information which is useful for your business. Following are some content where you can include Newsletter:

  • Blog posts
  • Update about products
  • Special offers
  • Announcement of upcoming events

Wrap Up

These were the most effective lead generation strategies that you can use to leverage your business at another level. Once you master these strategies, there is never going back. And also, don’t over-optimize your lead generation strategy, as over-optimizing doesn’t drive any results. And again, try to maintain a relationship with your lead.

We hope you found this useful. Learn more about why digital marketing strategies are important for your business.

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