Today more than 53% of the global population are on social media. And because of social media’s high active users, many businesses are using it as a tool for lead generation and trying to utilize every bit of it. With the help of social media, advanced feature businesses can reach a wider audience and represent themselves and their products and engage with their customers. With the proper use of social media, companies can generate many leads that they haven’t thought of before.

Today we will discuss how we can generate leads through social media, but let’s first understand what is meant by social media lead generation.

What Is Meant By Social Media Lead Generation?


Any data that you can use for follow-up and exchange by someone is a lead. Data includes names, email addresses, jobs, or other information shared by the social media user. Social media lead generation is any operation carried out on social media to collect new leads. It is all about implementing strategic marketing tactics designed to capture and pull qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Sales lead generation on social media helps companies to identify individuals who are interested in them. More importantly, these leads serve as a bridge to make exclusive deals to potential customers and turn them into loyal customers.

Let’s now explore how companies via social media can generate leads.

How To Generate Leads From Social Media?

Here are some ways to generate leads from social media marketing:

1. Know Your Audience And Choose The Appropriate Platform:

Choose Appropriate Platform

Knowing your audience is the first and most crucial step for any organization before making any strategy. Knowing your audience helps businesses to figure out who is interested in them. 

For example, a cricketer doesn’t have any interest in recipe books, so showing him ads for recipe books doesn’t bring any value to his life, and also, it would be a waste of time for business. But if you show him ads for the sports shoe, he might be interested in buying them.

Fortunately, today’s ad platform makes it easy for us to target our intended demographic groups. And by knowing our audiences, we can also figure out which social media platform our potential customers are most active. 

When choosing your audience, we can select age, place, marital status, gender, and even religion and ethnicity.

Knowing your target audience is an efficient way of avoiding a misplaced crowd.

2. Optimize Your Profile:

Optimize Your Profile

Ensure all is in place for you to organically gather leads before preparing the next move for your social media lead campaign. The means to contact you, register for your newsletter, shop, and more should be part of your social media profile. Your social media profile must be optimized and for that, keep the following things in your mind:

Provide Contact details (Your contact details must be available on your profile for your customers. It includes- Phone no, email, or some other means.)

-Add call-to-action buttons (You should add a call-to-action button on your Facebook page, Instagram profile, and other social media platforms. Choose your CTA button, depending on your objective. Example: You would like to add a Sign-up button if your purpose is to get more newsletter subscribers.)

-Add a link to your bio (You can add a link to your website or other social media pages or share a link to the video, etc.)

3. Use Social Media Paid Ads:

Businesses running paid ad campaigns are experiencing benefits such as reaching the exact audience, increasing engagement, fan growth, and much more. As a marketer, you will need to add a paid promotion to your organic posts. Every social platform’s demographic parameters enable you to target your ads (e.g., location, job title, age, industry, gender, etc.). Ensure you target the audience that finds value in your content and does not waste paid megaphone resources by not using the correct channels and targeting options.

Some tips on how to design a successful ad campaign strategy:

-Define your goals and KPIs

-Connect all your owned ad accounts at one place

-Use the right call-to-action

-Work on creative and copy

4. Try To Offer Incentives:

Give your audience a reason to share their information with you. Everyone loves to hear words like free, discount, and some offers that give them some value, etc. Try to offer some incentives to your audience and include an entry form to capture essential links.

Here are some ideas for incentives that you can provide to your audience:

-Contest or sweepstakes

-Discount code/coupon

-Gated content (Webinars, email newsletters, whitepapers, etc.)


-Free trial

5. Use Automated Chatbots:

Automated Chatbots

Automate your social media lead generation with chatbots. Instant Messaging & Chatbots are in vogue, and today they have become powerful weapons for marketers. Chatbots enable companies to connect even better than people can while also reducing overhead costs dramatically.

With AI bots, companies can respond to client inquiries via social platforms in pre-defined ways. Bots can decrypt the intentions of your visitors. When you know your purpose, you know your next step, which acts as the secret food sauce. Chatbots can create a detailed profile of each client using the previous engagement history, enabling them to deliver personalized data, content, and product ideas.

Learn more about chatbot and their importance in marketing.

6. Generate Leads With Social Media Influencers


An influencer is simply someone who influences the purchasing choices of others. In other words, it’s someone who has the power of influence, the authority over or trust of a particular group of people. 

Social media’s successful influence can help companies raise brand awareness, increase exposure, build authority, and connect with new audiences.

Here are some tips for you when you are working with social media influencer:

  • Get them to strategically place your product in their images or videos, or have them tell a remarkable and exciting story about your brand.
  • Businesses can also work with influencers who give honest product reviews or provide tutorials and how-to content on your product.
  • If you want to boost sales, your influencers will promote exclusive discount codes effectively.


Here comes the closure to the lead generation strategies from social media. It takes time to generate leads from social media. It is not a one-day process. Even expert marketers are confused when they cannot generate relevant social media leads by following best practices in lead generation. The experiment and A/B testing are safer to do to see what works best for your business. Try exploring new things and channels to generate social media leads.

We hope you found this useful. Learn more effective ways to generate leads for your business.

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