Domain names are as important as any other ranking factor. The right domain name can help you scale up in ranks. It is your website’s first impression that has an impact on people and search engines alike. Domain names are also used as anchor text in linking to other websites. Once in use domain name change can cause you loss in traffic and it may take a long time before SEO recovers. So put some thought and take time in selecting your domain name.

Domain name extensions

Remember as a thumb rule to always go for a .com domain extension. It is easier to remember and type out. .com is the best. However, if .com is not available in your name the next best is .net or .org.

According to data .com is used as the top-level domain by 51.4% of all the websites.

Choose your extension wisely. The .com rule can have exceptions in the case when your business is localized and your strategy focuses on local markets (such as your home country). This will definitely help as you are telling your customers that you are closer to home and trustworthy. But if in the long run you plan to expand a local extension will become a disadvantage. For local and global benefit, you can purchase both local and .com extension and link the two.

Hyphens and numbers

Hyphens are numbers in domain names that are frowned up. Avoid using hyphens and numbers They are often used in spam websites and reduce trustworthiness.

Create a memorable brand

A domain name is a branding opportunity. A combination of generic keywords and brand specific words make a great domain name. You need to stand out of the thousands registered domain names offering similar content.

A brand specific name is better than a generic name. It helps boost credibility. Use keywords at the start of your domain name to give clear signals to the search engine.


Make sure that the domain name you are choosing is not already registered, trademarked or copyrighted otherwise it could land you in hot legal soup!

Keep it short

Keep your domain name short and concise. It should be easy enough to recall and should roll off the tip of your tongue. It helps if your business depends on word of mouth marketing. Keep it 6 to 15 characters long for effectiveness.

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We Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading our Blog Post.

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