Oneplus has been the talk of the town lately and with good reason; it’s easy to see why the company has achieved such rapid growth within such a short period of time, especially when one considers its marketing strategy. Today Oneplus is a brand that stood up from zero to become one of the leading brands in Asian countries. OnePlus has been ruling the market like a storm.

There is no doubt that Oneplus marketing strategies made it the most desirable phone in the world. So let’s discuss its history, competitions, and marketing strategies which makes OnePlus a brilliant success story.

History of OnePlus Brand

OnePlus Company was established on 16 December 2013 by former Oppo vice-president Pete Lau and Carl Pei. Furthermore, OnePlus India was launched in December 2014, and since then, it has stood its ground and competed well with other established brands.

As per market research, the OnePlus market share in India is 33% with Samsung leading with 34% of the market share. 

Backtracking on the history of OnePlus phones is to take a tour of the history of phones overall. You can mark all the evolutions of recent years, from the appearance of 5G to the arrival of the mark and the ever-upgrading quality of phone cameras.

SWOT Analysis of OnePlus Marketing Tactics

The SWOT Analysis of Oneplus involves its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and in this reading of the SWOT analysis of Oneplus, we will understand the beauty and wellness of the company in terms of its internal and external factors.

1. One plus' Marketing Strength

  1. OnePlus Software has a special Android platform Oxygen OS, which sets its phones aside from other Android products. It feels great that most people fall in love with it at first sight, and offers many customization options for users.
  2. The organization provides Beautiful design and doesn’t delay experiencing any plan and choice of materials, which may result in favor of OnePlus.
  3. OnePlus Performance is known for being one of the companies that offer products with super-fast execution. Their results can pass anything you toss at them, Counting basic web browsing, video playback, and even hardcore gaming.
  4. The various product portfolio of Oneplus has manifold its product span which includes mobile phones, watches, earphones, televisions, and other required accessories which has been witnessing impeccable growth just like Oneplus mobile phones.
  5. As an established brand in the industry, Oneplus has built a strong connection with its dealers and other members of the supply chain.
  6. Oneplus Marketing has become one of the best marketing strategies by interconnecting with its audience from social media and by promoting itself on some of the series on Netflix.

2. One plus Marketing Brand Weaknesses

  1. Oneplus was established to offer premium standard smartphones at an affordable price. however, nowadays the price of Oneplus smartphones ranges from INR 50,000 to 70,000.
  2. Some people think that Oneplus suffers a need for critical talent, especially in technology and digital change, and is struggling to rearrange processes in light of incidents in AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  3. The company’s product can occasionally produce inconsistent photos on the camera which somehow lose their customer interest.

3. How does Oneplus Marketing create an Opportunity?

  1. Marketing strategies of One plus offer new products with new characteristics that attract new customers.
  2. One of the most faced challenges for the company is the limited access to the market for highly skilled talent as it has a limited budget. Expanding into the global market can help Oneplus tap into the international talent market.
  3. By reducing the number of product offerings in the market and focusing marketing efforts on existing successful products Oneplus Standardizing Products can capitalize on its marketing trends.
  4. Oneplus Smartphone can grasp expansion in AI for predicting better consumer demand, target niche segments, a finer recommendation system, and best user experience.
  5. Oneplus Influencers Marketing can promote them by grasping influencer marketing strategy after partnering with some famous influencers. 

4. How One Plus Brand Manages Threats?

  1. Oneplus company has many contenders, in order to, not to lose its position in the market, One Plus should always stay updated about the current customer trends.
  2. OnePlus should keep an eye on the rapidly changing government regulations, under the growing pressure.
  3. Another major challenge faced by OnePlus is new brands selling equally competitive phones at lower prices.
  4. Many countries are complaining about the data privacy of products because there are many allegations that brands may lead to a breach of data privacy. 

Oneplus Key Takeaways from SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of Oneplus highlights the points where the brand presently stands in the market. a few Important Key Points are what one plus marketing case study shows.

  1. Best Software.
  2. Variety into other businesses.
  3. OnePlus Marketing Mix.
  4. Audience-oriented social media marketing campaign.
  5. Powerful brand names.

One plus competitors Analysis

Till now we have understood that OnePlus has successfully developed a unique brand and at the same time faces competition from its rival companies. OnePlus grew by 55 percent YoY in Q3 2021, recording its highest-ever shipments in India. It captured the second spot in the premium segment which includes smartphones priced above Rs 30,000 in India.

Below are some of the OnePlus competitor’s analyses. 

oneplus marketing strategy

1· Xiaomi Corporation

Registered in Asia as Xiaomi Inc, is a Chinese creator and producer of consumer electronics and connected software, home devices, and household articles. After Samsung, Xiaomi is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones. Xiaomi has a 22% market share in India. Redmi 9 series and Redmi Note 10 series helped Xiaomi drive more sales. When it comes to the flagship killer status, Xiaomi is the OnePlus biggest competitor, especially in the android phone space.

one plus marketing strategy

2. Samsung Company

Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. It includes a different number of affiliated companies, most of which are united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol. In 2020 Samsung has acquired the 8th highest brand value in the world. Samsung holds a 19% market share in India. Samsung launched several budgets and mid-range 5G smartphones in India.

3. Apple Incorporation

It is an American multinational technology company specializing in customer electronics, computer software, and other online services. Apple is the world’s biggest technology company by revenue totaling $274.5 billion in 2020 and became the world’s most valuable company in January 2021. The US tech giant Apple Apple saw year-on-year growth of 212 percent in Q3 2021, which includes smartphones priced above Rs 45,000 in India. Also, Apple Incorporation recently became the first and foremost company in the world to cross $3 trillion stock market value.

Apple is the world’s fourth-largest PC organization by sales and the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer. The company is one among the Big Five U.S. information technology. When it comes to competition Apple gives close competition to OnePlus.

oneplus marketing strategies

4. Realme Brand

It is an Indian-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer whose headquarter is located in New Delhi, India, and Shenzhen, China. The organization was established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li, who was previously Oppo’s vice president and head of Oppo India. Realme Holds a 14% market share. The company was the top 5G smartphone brand in the product price of Rs 20,000 price band.

Top 10 Takeaways From the Marketing Strategies of Oneplus

The OnePlus marketing strategy has made all the difference in its success as compared to its contenders that helped OnePlus to capture a big market share and win the hearts of the consumers.

Here are ten proven major takeaways from their amazingly effective OnePlus marketing strategy that you can use in your own business to achieve similar results.

1. Creating Buzz with Uniqueness

When OnePlus as a new brand launched in India, it created a scarce situation in which everyone is not able to buy the phone even though the market was getting a sense that the phone is being liked by the customers. This strategy of uniqueness was implemented by OnePlus in which you could get the phone only if one of the users of OnePlus give you an invite to buy the OnePlus phone.

Since the phones were not easily available and one could only get it after the invite, the option of choice was excluded. If you want to have it, you have to attempt more and more to get it. you can’t just walk into a phone shop and see OnePlus phones as one of the products to choose from. Solely, the organization had no reason to establish retail stores or own any warehouses filled with unsold phones. The supply was there to sufficiently meet the demand. Apart from that, the company was able to directly measure the influence of its product and its acceptability.

2. Quality of The Product

A quality product is a one plus one strategy that attracts more and more customers and OnePlus never neglects the importance of the quality of a product. It was very clear that Samsung and Apple are phones with very sleek designs, hence, trying to beat them by having a cheaper one would only work if the quality is maintained. And that was one of the biggest tasks in front of OnePlus. 

Now the question is How could they do it? With a top-notch phone and competitive pricing, which came from the greatly reduced marketing costs, OnePlus was able to compete with bigger brands. If you go through the reviews on Google you will discover that a lot of the consumers were beyond satisfied with the features that OnePlus phones are offering. 

3. Clever Use Of Oneplus Influencer Marketing

OnePlus uses another impressive strategy that demands banking on the impact of other brands or personalities that raise awareness and draw the attention of customers.

In its recent collaboration with Netflix India. OnePlus India was the first to release the first look of the much-awaited Sacred Games season 2 in 2019 this marketing program drove a lot of visits to their social media pages even from the passionate followers of the series. OnePlus not only used the influence of Netflix, but also makes partnering with popular actors, models, and social media influencers.

4. Oneplus Brand Campaigner

Before entering the Indian market OnePlus has already created an active community where discussions about phones were already taking place. That gave OnePlus the initially required traction. After its launch, OnePlus initiated its product to the community which was liked by its customers. And guess what? The initial users of this product started spreading gossip and telling everyone about the features of the phone.

Apart from this, OnePlus made it more fun by making its users eligible to invite another customer to buy the phone. As more people got their hands on these phones and got happy with what they acquired, each customer became a supporter of the brand and the quality product that is being sold.

5. Building Loyal Community Members

Before the launch of OnePlus in India, it already created a community, and this community was turned into customers. Creating a community is extremely beneficial for a brand as it drives word of mouth, which is undoubtedly an extremely happy state for the marketing efforts of any marketer. Apart from this, the user-generated content from these members in form of reviews or frequently asked questions (FAQ)goes a long way in convincing a prospective buyer to make a purchase.

6. OnePlus Product Lifecycle

The marketing strategy of OnePlus uses to keep its products leading the customer’s mind with the amazing introduction of color and special edition variants in its product life cycle. For an instance, the OnePlus 5T launched with a midnight black version followed up with a star wars edition, Sandstone White, and Lava Red versions that attract a lot more customers by its unique edition.

7. OnePlus Hashtag Marketing Campaigns

#NeverSettle is a hashtag that was born out of the OnePlus brand and it has been using this hashtag in all of its marketing campaigns. 

With ‘Never Settle’ as a tagline and campaigns such as ‘Smash the Past’, OnePlus aimed to take its customers on a journey where they can undergo the ‘Never Settle’ way of life. The #NeverSettle hashtag proved that you don’t necessarily need big bucks to make a bang. If you have a great product, customers automatically drag to your brand.

8. OnePlus Ingenious Pricing Strategy

If you plan to come up with another product in an industry that is already crowded then the product got to be at least 10x better than the existing one. In the case of the OnePlus, the affordability of the device paired with the kind of specifications that it offers in its favor in a similar fashion. They pack the best into a phone which is broadly better than other mobile phones in the market.

9. Less Expenditure on Orthodox Marketing

OnePlus Business team will be very active on various social media platforms. It has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on Twitter. These are the platform where they run most of their campaigns OnePlus has spent a share of money on traditional marketing and above-the-line projects as well.

One of its popular digital marketing campaigns was “Smash The Past”, where customers are required to smash their present device and upload the video online so as to have the chance of getting OnePlus phones for as low as $1. This campaign caused media disapproval as it poses environmental and health hazards.

Strategically, the OnePlus Press Enquiry (PR) team changed the campaign to “Donate The Past” by twisting the rules. Customers were no longer required to smash their phones, but instead, they have to donate them. As expected, this campaign got a lot of entries and created a lot of buzz.

10. OnePlus Campaign in India

The beginning of the OnePlus marketing strategy in India was the strategical choice of going ahead with just online sales. At that time Amazon India was the only E-Commerce platform where users can order place their phones. In addition, OnePlus, using the invite-only system and online store, was able to properly cope up with its inventory without producing excessively. This became a good strategical move for OnePlus in starting out in a new country.

Now, as OnePlus proceeded to the stage of having offline retail shops, it has a strong position and grip on the market.

What Did Oneplus Business Strategy Teach to Its Competitors?

Oneplus business strategies state that the objectives of the one plus company must be to create awareness about the brand. To achieve the objectives of the OnePlus marketing company, the first thing they do is they build a strong relationship with their target audience, or else they will not get the desired result as expected.

It is important to give the best to the customers, the time gap between each launch is essential. Aware of such a scenario, the OnePlus marketing brand makes sure that they keep its promise alive to their customers.

Final Thought on Unstoppable OnePlus Marketing Brand

OnePlus already has captured the Indian market while it has been attracting outside markets. OnePlus offered and continues to offer an exceedingly good substitute to high phones at a lower price without deteriorating the quality of the product which contributes extremely to its victory.

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