Ultimate Guide To Viral Marketing.

Have you ever wondered how something goes viral?

You are not alone.

When discussing a successful marketing effort, the word “viral marketing” is constantly invoked.

According to De Bruyn and Lilien (2008), viral marketing is a method of creating memorable and attention-grabbing keywords or marketing pieces in our current and highly linked society.

This marketing approach uses various forms of social media, emails, videos, text messaging, and other person-to-person ways to disseminate information about a product or service rather than just placing advertising on TV, radio, or online.

So the topic of how to make a brand stand out from the sea of material and go viral has arisen. In reality, viral marketing is a technique that leverages the power of individuals sharing information to reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Anything that goes viral spreads fast and widely from one person to the next. With technologies like YouTube and Facebook, sharing films, stories, and photographs with hundreds, if not millions, of people may happen in minutes. This provides an excellent technique for exchanging knowledge in a short period.

However, generating exciting and shareable content is the issue businesses confront when they want their marketing piece to go viral. Viral marketing aims to get people talking about a specific product or organization.

Let’s dive in!

Viral Marketing: What Is It?

Viral Marketing What Is It-Viral Marketing

In simple words, Viral marketing is a tactic for getting people to promote your app (or any other product) through their current social networks.

Viral marketing creates interest in a brand or product (and hence potential sales) by spreading messages fast from person to person. The idea is that users decide whether to share the material.

Social networks are the natural home of this sort of marketing. The creation of emotional, surprising, hilarious, or unique YouTube videos, which are then shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, is the most recent example.

Virality, on the other hand, maybe a double-edged sword. It is vital to note that in this form of advertising, the users have a considerable amount of power, and there is a chance that the message may be misread or mocked.

A successful viral marketing campaign can perform wonders for your brand’s outcomes.  

Best Way To Get Started With Viral Marketing

There is no doubt that LinkedIn and Twitter are an excellent networks and a sea of leads.

After closely examining the concept of viral marketing, we’ve concluded a few ways you can do viral marketing; Internet marketing expert Neil Patel has shared the same.

While every other social media platform has started to saturate, LinkedIn & Twitter still has a lot to offer in terms of content marketing. For generating leads for their product, b2b enterprises use LinkedIn.

Anyone with a solid business-to-business product or service can be found there, but not everyone appreciates the power LinkedIn delivers to the typical user.

There is no assurance that any material you publish will go viral. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of executing a viral digital marketing campaign. With that in mind, Neil Patel suggests seven measures to take if you want to give your content a chance to become viral on Linkedin and Twitter.

How to create a Viral LinkedIn campaign?

Viral LinkedIn campaign-Viral Marketing

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a fantastic network with many prospects.

While every other social media platform has reached saturation, LinkedIn still has a lot to offer in terms of content marketing.

To generate product leads, b2b enterprises turn to LinkedIn first.

Anyone with a decent b2b product or service can be found on LinkedIn, but not everyone appreciates the power it delivers to the typical user.

Now let me teach you how to become viral for free and create leads for your business.

Here are the top LinkedIn viral techniques you can utilize right now.

1. Make your LinkedIn profile mobile-friendly

Mobile accounts for more than 70% of LinkedIn views; avoiding long-form material is a good idea.

Assume that your information will be viewed on a smartphone and consider how simple it will be for people to read comfortably on a smartphone screen while writing.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Make use of brief sentences.

2. Separate sentences into lines and utilize them in different ways.

3. Make use of basic terms.

4. Follow an eye-catching pattern.

2. Start With Research

You cannot expect to develop viral content unless you have a solid strategy.

First, establish an objective. Set a precise goal and work from there, whether it’s a million followers or millions of people watching your video.

Then, determine what your target audience enjoys. Where do they congregate?

What material do they enjoy, share, and interact with the most?

Employ your responses to decide where to begin your campaign and what medium to use (e.g., images or text).

Finally, look at previous examples of viral material created by your competition.

Determine what made the material so effective and strive to give something even better next time.

3. Hook your users

Your idea is your hook. It’s what makes people pause and take notice of your stuff.

That’s why those same individuals share your material on social media.

In other words, your hook is the unique selling proposition of your content.

A hook should always provide a clear message and encourage your target customer to interact more with your material by appealing to your intended audience.

Consider your hook to be bait.

It inspires your audience’s interest and entices them to take the required action, such as visiting your website, signing up for further information, or following you on social media.

The sort of hook you choose depends on the medium of your material.

For example, every video needs a terrific start and thumbnail, every article requires a captivating title, and photographs require a clever caption.

4. Be unique

What does all viral content have in common?

Its originality and authenticity in some way make it different. It delivers the unexpected, which creates an enticement among the target audience and attracts their attention to our brand.

So, planning the content is essential; that provides a different perspective in simple.

5. Make sure your content is primed for sharing

This may seem obvious, but you must ensure that your material is designed for rapid and easy distribution among users. Simply put, the content should be easily shareable.  

Social efforts, for example, should not be limited to your company’s primary account.

Consider how far you can distribute your message using the tools available, from blogs and newsletters to in-person events and others in your network.

Plan your strategy to make content sharing as easy as possible. You can make your audience have a simpler time-sharing your campaign by providing different ways to share your content, always giving, polls, etc.

6. Humanize your content

This is a simple yet crucial piece of advice to provide. The fact that humans create most viral material is a common thread.

This is because they’re natural, approachable, and relatable. To target Gen Z and younger millennials, typically the arbiters of what goes viral, viral marketing is critical.

When a brand’s material is humanized or appears genuine from the firm, it receives a lot more shares.

Anything you can do to erase your content’s corporate flavor is a benefit.

7. Get visual

Visuals are an important part of a viral campaign. Which would you rather post on social media: an article with walls of text or an image with a clever caption?

Unless you’re working with a particular audience, you’ll almost certainly share the image first.


Visual material, on the other hand, is very easy to consume.

It’s entertaining.

Finally, while you want to educate your audience, you also want to amuse them.

How to create a Viral Twitter campaign?

What is a viral tweet?   

A viral tweet is a message that is quickly shared by a large number of people.

While there are no hard & fast guidelines for what constitutes a viral tweet, it is regarded as one if it receives hundreds of thousands of retweets, likes, and comments on Twitter.

For a variety of reasons, tweets can become viral. They might bring attention to a problem, create disputes, or even be hilarious.

However, they all have one thing in common: they all get Twitter users to respond in a way that spreads the word.

So, how can you get others to notice your tweets?

Let’s dive into some of our top Twitter viral ideas below.

1. Write engaging headlines

They won’t read your Tweet if you can’t capture their attention and keep them from scrolling past it.

A solid rule of thumb is to utilize your post’s title as your tweet’s headline.

This is because you’ve already spent time writing an enticing headline for your content. It may also be used on Twitter with a few changes.

The more engaging the body of your tweets is, the more likely it is that users will engage.

2. Tell a story

A bit of storytelling goes a long way.

It has been observed that messages given as tales are up to 22 times more remembered than basic facts regarding viral marketing.

When someone reads or hears a narrative, a phenomenon known as neural coupling occurs, in which the listener or reader attempts to link and compare the story to their own experiences.

This is precisely what you want to become viral on Twitter.

Collaborating with subscribers and sharing their tales is also a clever tactic for a company or if you want to promote a new product.

3. Tweet trending and informative topics

Trending themes are among the most popular viral tweets.

People’s attention is more likely to be drawn to news and current events since they are at the forefront of their minds.

Examine the events to see if you can include them in your updates, especially if they are pertinent to your subject of interest.

4. Use Hashtags to Go Viral on Twitter

Hashtags can also help you expand your tweets’ reach (and viral potential).

Hashtags are used to group tweets around a specific topic to make them simpler to search.

Then you may include them in your updates to increase the number of people who see and interact with your material.

On Twitter, search in the trending area for currently popular hashtags. You may also change the perspective depending on where you are.

5. Add a sense of humor into your tweets

Including comedy in your tweets can also help you launch a popular Twitter thread. In reality, some of the most popular tweets have a humorous aspect and don’t have to be very complicated.

6. Tweet more links

Including additional links in your Twitter posts is another strategy to increase your chances of becoming viral.

According to various polls, the most retweeted types of material are news and educational updates. As a result, tweets that include a link to an online resource or breaking news are more likely to be retweeted.

So it’s no surprise that a URL was included in 52 percent of Microsoft’s Conversational Aspects of Retweeting research samples.

7. Time Your Tweets Perfectly

The timing of your Twitter posts is also crucial to their performance. Consider this scenario: you’ve created a fantastic piece of content and tweeted a link to it.

However, nothing occurs.

There hasn’t been a single like or share. What went wrong, exactly? It wasn’t because your material was poor or because you didn’t request a retweet politely.

No one is nearby, and your message is buried in the stream. The most popular Twitter accounts have thousands of followers, so you’ll have to figure out how to catch their attention when it counts.

And the best method to accomplish that is to tweet during their active hours.

Looking at your watch can help you master your time.

Is viral marketing ideal for your brand?

Let’s face it, getting viral is not an easy task.

However, the concepts of viral marketing and what it takes to create viral content have a lot to teach us.

The above techniques may help you stay on top of your audience’s wants and which trends to keep an eye on. However, we’d want to hear from you.

Have you ever gone viral? At, RDS Digital, we take pride in our work and ability to assist hundreds of companies over the years with practical and functional digital marketing services in Bangalore. We would be more than happy to assist you.

What’s your take on trend-following? Let us know in the comments section below!

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